First stop, The Association

The Association on Urbanspoon

Pisco Sour & a sugary Pear Martini.
this place is indeed the bomb. focused on old time booze, serving martinis up in proper 2-martini lunch sized stemware. dig it. far superior to the clustereff that is the Crocker Club.


Second Stop: The Must

kitchen closed. walk out, but didn’t feel butthurt. heck, we were just there yesterday. it’s ok lah! must return for food cuz the wine list was very inviting the first time around.


Third Stop: O Bar + Restaurant inside the Orchid Hotel, DTLA

O Bar & Kitchen on Urbanspoon

churros and chocolate from a Armenian(?) Chef. Winner! A while back, some dude asked where to get churros y chocolate on Yelp. He got a buncha half-asses non-answers. One poster mentioned the $10 churros y chocolate @ Cobras Y Matador. $10 for coupla fried sticks of dough? Yo, we ain’t dining at The Bazaar. There aren’t $4500 golden monkeys being sold!

To be honest, the chocolate dip for the churros y chocolate was quite thin and brothy, hence “incorrect”. It was also not very chocolaty nor sweet, akin to a thick chocolate milk, not quite molten chocolate. But, still, a nice burgers convo with Tay, a very sweet vegetarian hostess, and a very nice individually brewed cup of joe ($2, better than Starbucks, tho frankly, I forgot what kind of beans were ground), and a roasting modern fireplace, completed a delicious week night out and about. I was told weekends are for amateurs.



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  • choisauce

    the association has hands down the best cocktails. their french 75 and old cubans are amazing. the best irish coffee u will ever have in so cal is next door at cole’s. highlights at o bar: truffle parmesean tots (aka cracktots), jumbo prawn and chorizo grits, the serrano ham, cabrales and fig flat bread (extremely rich and decadent with a punch from the cabrales. wow).I hear happy hour is a sweet deal.

  • choisauce

    oh and how could I forget the bread pudding. seriously. to die for.

  • TonyC

    truffle parm tatertots is akin to truffle buttered edamame from The Open Door. Homey don’t play that.

    The truth about Truffle:

    otherwise, the hand made flat breads (baked pitas, whatevs) are indeed fantastic but.. none of that is why I come here…

  • Kathy L

    Pear martini, huh?
    Thanks for the head’s up on the Association. I’m thinking of hosting a meetup for Artwalk then hitting Cole’s and the Association afterwards.
    I’m amazed at how many bars are around that area. Gentrification. Amazing.

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