As the only non-Hispanic in the Hispanic neighborhood of Pilsen, Chicago, IL, one can’t help but appreciate being only yards away from a fine al pastor shack and a churros factory.

In LA, taco trucks were running so rampant that a blogger made headlines by chasing them back in ’06. He stopped in ’07 and in ’08, the hipsters latched themselves to every truck, good or bad, known to man. In ’09, let’s do some desserts instead. Churros is where it’s at. It’s cheaper, it’s easier, and really, it’s just more fun.

You can get 1, or you can get a few. You can get ’em stuffed with bad strawberry jelly, or custardy cream, or chocolate. These churros are pubey curly, just like on the shores of Rosarito, and almost as cheap. To be honest, Salinas Truck has been around at least since early ’07. Previous to that, it was some sort of cart. Support your local churros truck in ’09.

Salinas Churros
W Sunset Blvd & Echo Park Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90026
Salinas Churros on Urbanspoon



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  • damn that looks pretty good. nice find. btw, do you read linda burum on a regular basis?

  • Heh, my mouth started watering until I saw your description of “pubey curly” O_o

    But with my sweet jaws, I’ll probably hit them up soon anyways.

  • Ah, churros. Did you try the one filled with custard? The one I had in Peru was to die for. Those Peruvian churros don’t look quite the same as Mexican ones though.

  • TonyC

    I love the ones filled with custard. There was a truck at the Chicago Maxwell Market that I frequented even during the coldest of Chicago winters which had fantastic custard churros…

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