In Chicago, there was a man loved for his sausage. Doug was his name, Hot Doug was his stand. In LA, Wurstkuche is Doug’s doppelganger with an edge: Belgians on draft. Damn, how much can one love St. Bernardus 12? A lot.

Wurstkuche was hyped, mocked, and reviewed to death. ie:
LA & HC foodventures

So yes, someone *cough* sorry *cough* is very late to the party. Beyond waxing poetic about the sausage varietals, it’s easy to forget there’s really a grill master behind every sausage served. Damnit these natural casings pop. They have great grill mark, and the stuffing isn’t over cooked. It’s almost as juicy as properly steamed NY dog!

Personally, it’s about the beer, nay, the beerS here. And the space. At a certain corner, sits a chair worthy of a king (and naturally, a queen) while he munches on sausages. Love the airy huge space, thankful the owner is beyond attentive. Let’s have a wedding here.

PS: really sir, start the beer flights. Forget authenticity (branded stemware). We want beer.

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  • MyLastBite

    What flavor sausage did you have? My favorite (so far) is Duck & Bacon with Jalapeno Pepper Sausage.

  • thefoodinista

    did you get belgian frites? and if so, what dipping sauce. the guy next to me in line sold the curry ketchup convincingly, so that’s we we did and i loved it. but so much that i want to go back and try. next time am ordering duck – tho loved buffalo.

  • steve

    I wanted to hate the place, but I just couldn’t.

  • TonyC

    me too steve! really wanted to hate it.. but.. it appeals to me in such a primordial way….

  • choisauce

    bleu cheese, walnut and bacon dipping sauce rocked my world every dip.

  • Jackie O

    Sausage appeals to you in a primordial way? oh dear…

  • Mitchell

    ugg i really need to go here.

  • TonyC

    Mitchell! come hang w/ us in DTLA!

    I’m not big fan of the frites here btw.. the sauces are a bit of a schtick. I’ve seen Pomme Frites open in NYC years ago, and the best tasting dip is still the “OG” mayo. homemade mayo, or go home.

  • hayon

    Wait, can you see my hand in there somewhere, I think I can see it. You should always give credit to the food/spoon/fork holder. Your welcome

  • Gourmet Pigs

    Have a Chicago-er friend who mocks LA food and is in love with Hot Dougs. Based on your intro there, seems like I still have a chance to change his mind!!

    Oh but the airy huge space does not feel so airy or huge on a Saturday night (when I went. Cos I’m silly like that).

  • craig

    yeah the place is good, but i cant get over the fact that they dont make any of their own sausages, they all come in frozen, just defrost, poach then grill. kind of weird to me since they specialize in selling sausage fries and beer that they dont make the beer obviously, they are essentially reheating sausages, and if i remember correctly the fries are frozen too, i guess from a consistency standpoint its good, but having been to germany and had sausages there, they would be ashamed.

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