An Israeli biker, a Japanese product designer and a Korean girl step into a Hunanese restaurant…

Not a prelude to a joke, I swear. Cuz I don’t tell funnies, only tastees.

A sign of becoming a geriatrics is the inability of innards to tolerate burning spiciness. Not talking about the mouth mucous handling the high Scovilles. That ain’t shit. Anyone with enough mental mettle can eat habaneros raw. Talking about guts on fire as if.. there’s a herpes outbreak on your intestine. Not sure how the fellow aging Chinese diners were gonna deal with the profferings of Xiang Wei Lou the next day. But hey? Not my problem; not my toilet bowl.

The inside tip: Hunanese chef, Hunanaese owner/hostess/waitress 3-in-1. What’s good? Fresh water fish steamed whole, or boiled in pickled mustard green soup. A very simple, yet delectable ma po tofu that just shames Chin-Ma-Ya’s entire family, including Chen’s family dog. And of course, what Hunan meal is complete without smoked meats? XWL has a simplistic smoked 4 meat crock pot that’s just as good as anything from the Western SGV. For vegetarians, there is a fantastic garlic eggplant and stir fry potatoes. All are just mouth watering, all reasonably priced.

But waitamin.. they charge for rice? Per person? Better get your carb on!

Xiang Wei Lou
227 W Valley Blvd #118A
San Gabriel, CA 91776
(in the same plaza as Uncle Chen’s & Ambrose)
Xiang Wei Lou on Urbanspoon



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