Recently someone absent-mindedly spoke of another “food writer”‘s disdain of abbreviation usage on this site. To that there’s this perfect retort:. fu. WeHo, OBVIOUSLY, is West Hollywood. In case anyone else was wondering: ELA = East LA, HH is Happy Hour, DTLA = Downtown LA = DT LA = “D-Town”? And now you know…

In WeHo, BAD (Broke Ass Dining) is a rare sight. This particular specimen escaped us for months. Sunday supper at “The Hall at The Palihouse” had to be googled calendared a month ahead so it wouldn’t be missed. And damnit, at the end of the dinner, everyone was thanking google calendar, which, btw, syncs with Outlook…

Take home point: 3 perfectly portioned courses, $19. S. Irene/LA Times only gave The Hall 1/2 a star. Ouch. But for the price, for the location, for the grub, for the tremendous service, this place deserves a whopping 3 star on Sundays. Lucques can keep it’s $45 version of Sunday supper; The Hall has comfy wooly gray blankies for every guest, The Hall has country washcloths for napkins .

The Hall’s Sunday Supper menu is no longer publicly listed on the website, so here it is for your stalking pleasure. Caveat emptor: previously linked Sunday supper menu happens to be…. NOT what was served that nite:

App – Gazpacho soup (in a cup) topped with shrimp ceviche on crostini.
The chef purposely used unripened tomatoes for the gazpacho, created a perfect compliment to the citrus cooked shrimp. The cucumber was pureed together with tomatoes for a completely refreshing taste. Together with the great bread served (from Breadbar, IIRC), this 3 oz soup was the perfect beginning to the dinner.

Main – braised lamb shank, rattatouile, pomme maxine.
There is no fiscal logic to why a $19 prix fixe would include difficult item such as rattatouille, or expensive meats such as lamb shank – granted, the shank is the cheaper cut of sheep, but the concoction just worked. There is no fiscal logic to why a main within a $19 prix fixe would be this tasty. It didn’t have to be.

Dessert – Pavlova with creme Chantilly and berry compote
With this dessert, the chef demonstrates he is a culinary name dropper. Potato’s via Maxim’s in Paris, an uber historical and expensive restaurant, dessert carrying the name of a famous ballerina, creme of a … well.. you get the idea. With this dessert, The Hall wears its qualifications for the Broke Ass Dining badge proudly. This is quality stuff, offered at cut-throat prices. Again, there’s no logic to why these 3 dishes would cost you less than a meal at TGI Fridays while offering the service on par with finer dining rooms in LA.

And for that, I freaking LOVE THIS PLACE. That’s right folks. No one else on the blogsphere has commented on the Sunday dinner. Sorry Jar, sorry Campanile, sorry DineLA. Your bargains are no bargains at’all.

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