This is just crap. It’s crap cuz there are equally priced burgers in Compton that tastes 200% better. It’s crap because they turned such a meaningful space into such a soulless restaurant. It’s crap cuz they only give 3 sticks of stankin’ sweet potato fries in the “fries mixed with sweet potatoes”.

No one should sell such a sweet potato cock-teasery, only to fill the plate with limp regular fries.

To start, D-Town Burgery has asshattery of a name. It’s contrived, gentrified, and overall more tarded than “Umami Burger”. Then they proceed to offend with a 50’s inspired menu rocking 2010 hipster prices; nearly $8 for a institutionized double burger combo featuring worthless HFCS doused fountain drinks. HFCS is very 1982, not 1952:

HFCS consumption in the US

Downtown Fanbois are alread hyping this as the next best thing after Pete’s burger. Yet no one mentions Pete’s Hellman burg smells like downers cow and borderlines cardboard bland? From the pre-formed factory processed pre-formed patty (per proud hostess: “we get them delivered”), to the bleached white bun, to the insipid American cheese, there is no redeeming value in D-Town, cept the faux art pieces adorning the walls, and a jukebox that you can’t play

And yes, it’s under $10, but why not stuff your face at 7-11 down the street with equal abandonment?

Grand opening date: March 6th, visit date: March 7th.

D-Town Burger Bar
216 W 6th St
Los Angeles, CA 90014
D-town Burger Bar on Urbanspoon



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