While skylarking around town for that ultimate meal, it is very easy to strike out. This is not a metaphor, but an actual 0 for 3 in restaurant selection, in 1 single nite.

First stop of the night was Indian Restaurant in San Gabriel. Y’all know this as the Taiwanese beer drinking place owned by the dude from The Doc from Back To The Future.

It's Doc Brown!

yup, this guy.

There is inherent danger in visiting Indian Restaurant on a Saturday: every Taiwaneser in the 10 mile radius is in need of the same damn food. Think: 3 cup chicken, basil calamari, stir fry stinky tofu. After an hour+ of waiting for some severely CPT‘d cohorts, we bounced. Indian Restaurant is in our backyard, ain’t no way it’s worth 60+ min of torturous wait when it can be happily consumed, without tension, on a chill Tuesday instead. Bygones.

Followed by Indian was the disaster at D-Town Burger bar. But fear not, spidey senses advised of the possible massive failure at D-Town Burger so only 1 craptastic burger was order. This leaves room for… THE MUST. Not sure why, but driving by this restaurant always reminds me of Judy Blooms’ “We must, we must, we must increase our bust”:

This third visit to The Must did not result in a night of completely strikeout. In fact, it was was easily a triple. Would’ve been a home run, except our cool neighboring vegan DJ refused to accept a portion of our ginormous fluffernutter. Think about this: fluff my nuts. That’s the house dessert. Almonds + marshmallow + peanut butter squeezed between thick buttery brioche toast, with a side of chocolate ganache. Fluffernutter was originally invented in 1917 by Archibald Query. It has since become ubiquitous in the New England area and was recently converted into a sandwich product by a popular New England dairy. Today, it is also a sexual position. How do you not love this thing:

But this is NOT why “The Must” is a keeper. They have a decent wine list (so I’ve been told). They have a good ROOT BEER selection (Sparky’s, among others). They have St. Bernardus abt 12, as well as Lost Abbey on tap, but in HALF PINT pours, so you won’t get totally f’d up by brews with 10%+ alcohol. They have high cushiony leather benches, they have purple potato salad. And holy shit is it possible? They actually make an edible slider! Out of white chicken meat! Chicken slider touched by Midas? And available as a single serving? Why hasn’t anyone written this up except the LA Times?

The servers are chill, the pours just beneath generous, the prices completely reasonable, and the food borders on gastropub quality. The Must may not increase your bust, but it surely will increase your waist. BTW, LA Live can have its Corkbar, other downtowners seem to like The Must the most.

The Must Wine Bar
118 W 5th St
Los Angeles, CA 90013
(213) 627-1162
Must Wine Bar on Urbanspoon



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  • This was a good place. Good beer on draft, affordable wine (plus a good selection), and I tried that fluffernutter thing. Not bad. This place is a MUST visit.

  • sook

    no you di’ent reference judy blume. uh uh.

  • hayon

    My new fav spot. Music just loud enough to talk over, comfortable booth seating, well priced quality food, large selection of wines and beers, to name a few things that make this place such a hit. Last but not least, perfect “sampler” sized beer to complement the food rather than to be your food. LUV IT LUV IT!

  • haha, you should have photoshopped some skinny, pale taiwanese chicks next to the Doc. i was going to ask you about The Indian… joke or not? how does it compare to the other Taiwanese watering holes like B20?

  • TonyC

    Indian is the real deal. B20 isn’t. The only reason why Indian is perpetually pack is because of Doc Brown & his wife representin’ OG Taiwanese taste. Afterall, B20 and Indian (as well as Cotton Candy) share nearly an identical menu…

  • lol i was thinking judy blume too…

    sassy´s last blog post..Free Admission to Museums for BofA Card Holders

  • Mochiball

    Hey dude… try out the “Allagash Curieux Jim Beam” beer next time. Good stuff.

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