Yes, this post is a wee bit delayed. Then again, which blogger isn’t a “wee bit delayed”.

A certain someone has asked: “what is the foodie lifestyle”. Being the complete misanthrope, something like: “wtf is a foodie” is usually my default answer. In all honesty, Feb 14, 2009, seemed to be a nice example of this lifestyle. That particular Saturday wasn’t grand, it wasn’t “epic”; it didn’t involve too much $, and it certainly didn’t involve too many miles. Simply, it WAS.

Groundwork Coffee Company on Urbanspoon
First stop. Groundworks DTLA. Double espresso before breakfast. A neighborhood fave / baby chain. It’s not Intelligentsia, not Jones Coffee Roaster, not LAMill but… it’s a decent cafe served with a cheery morning smile. It was also on the way to my second stop.


Blu LA Cafe
126 E 6th St
Los Angeles, CA 90014
Blu LA Cafe on Urbanspoon

talk about f-tard restaurant names?!? This joint is part of the new 6th street development plan. It was hardly noticed when they opened and now, with Cole’s on full blast (uggh.. icck. ptoooey), no one has noticed it since. Perpetually hunting for a breakfast spot that is NOT Nickle Diner, Blu Cafe was the Final Frontier of DTLA brunch. And it was nice. Not ZOMG YUM-MO Rachel Ray nice, but kitschy decors, very chill waitress, LAMill beans french pressed, a wee bit expensive, cute gay couples, etc. Nothing spectacular, but it’s easy to see heart.


LA Culinary Historian’s discussion on Hamburgers.
That’s right. A talk on hamburgers, on Valentine’s Day. V-day is all about lovin’, or loving, and who doesn’t love great burgers (as long as it’s not from Mother Road). I will not cover the talk in depth here but know this:

The hamburger is American. It’s invented by street vendors in NYC. To love a hamburger is to be American.Hamburger, not baseball, is the world’s most loved American product. Jollibee, is the re-patronization of an exported American foodstuff.

Go figure


Later on in the evening, the Valentine Day conundrum finally reared its ugly head.

What to eat when every restaurant in town is catering to amateur night out? We went for restaurants known to have no reservation policies (Bacaro/The Park, etc.) but it as all too hectic everywhere, and there was just not enough food in the fridge for a V-day spread. After much pondering, Asian was obviously the way to go. What’s more romantic than reeking of Korean BBQ? Reeking of Korean jorim(soupy stew thing):

Sa Rit Gol
3189 W Olympic Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90006
(213) 387-0909
Sa Rit Gol Korean on Urbanspoon

Sa Rit Gol is known for their panchan. There are reports of up to 16 panchan served simultaneously during 1 meal. This meal, there were only a dozen small plates on the table, and the kimchi didn’t live up to reputation. The eun dae gu jorim (black cod stew with braised radishes), however, was quite decent. The cod isn’t as overly sweetened as the sample served at Chunju Han Il, nor is the white radish as stewed as the sample served at Seongbukdong. Nonetheless, t’wad a perfectly fine version because it didn’t turn me into a thirsty pig a few hours later with the typically excessive use of gochujiang.

With the eun dae go jorim always doubly portioned for sharing, the only thing which accompanied the stew/soup (jorim is just about in the middle of the 2 categories) was a bowl of dolsot bibimbap. The seon saeng nim (teacher) at Korean Cultural Center once said bibimbap represents all that is good in Korean cuisine. Personally, it’s a bowl of leftovers and the kitchen sink of all that is wrong with K-food. Yes, I ate it.

And that, folks, is how you do a “foodie” V-day.



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