They waited, and waited, and waited.

According to folks we knew in line (Hi Edgar!), some arrived at 8:45, and it was 10:15 when we said hello, and yes, they were still waiting, with at least another 30min to go.

This 1 year anniversary was shilled everywhere, from Caroline on Crack, to the LA Times, to Chowhound, to LA Metblogs, to LAist… O my!

We came, we said herro, and we drove off into the Sunset (Blvd) for a grand opening nite at a new restaurant.

Below pix for your amusement, and mockery?:

somewhere on Canon Dr. between Santa Monica & Wilshire
Luckyfish on Urbanspoon



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  • Just based on the line. Not worth it!

  • Even though I just said it’s not worth it, I could use some sushi right now! Good post T!

  • I was there yesterday. The line was a lot worse. Once I saw the massive amount of people trying to get in, I bailed. Not worth it no matter what.

    Pepsi Monster´s last blog post..Grand Preview: Corkbar (Downtown L.A.)

  • sook

    you can’t judge the coop based on a “by the slice” slice. that’d be like judging the bakery based on day old bread. it’s good stuff.

  • amy

    i am so glad i didnt go.

    amy´s last blog post..Zucchini Pasta

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