This is Mr. Sage himself, Charles K, on Saturday: you gotta check out Dumpling House, they have awesome jja jang myun, and really good dumplings. The owner, he talks to one table in Chinese, and turns around, starts talking to the other table in Korean.

Video on JJM making:

So off we go into never never land, only to return with a case of the runny shits. Not “FUNNY”. RUNNY. Runny shits ain’t funny.

Now, Charles is a good guy. He knew not this shits was gonna happen. But let’s bracket that fact out and first describe the shits. There are several types of aberrant shits: one is when one’s dehydrated/lacking fiber, etc. Ya know, constipation. Then you have capsaicin induced crap which is commonly accompanied by a*hole burning, chaotic exits, etc. Ya know, something that happens after a night at Jitlada. Then you have Dumpling House on a dirty off day: it’s not painful, it’s actually quite enjoyable. Except you’re losing water by the gallons from the wrong end and your toilet really starts to hate you for the jetstream and the splash-offs. It can get so bad even Molly Maid even refuses to clean up. Let’s call this: anal barfing. Cipro is needed.

Charles, I’ll never confront you on this. Some day, you’ll read this entry, and then buy me a beer. It’s all good.

Btw, the food? It’s Korean/Chinese food, skewing more towards the Chinese side. Not bad, not good. Hand pulled noodles which J Gold loved years ago is still here. My take on this is akin to Charles’ take on Taiwanese food: meh. It’s damn pricey, but it’s the only K/C food game in this part of town.

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  • oh my.

    Are the benefits of “really good dumplings” worth the risk of anal barfs?

  • TonyC

    NO HC. DUH! of course not! if you have to ask, you need to re-read the part about “aberrant” #2’s again. see you Sunday bud.

  • amy

    um yeah.. no thanks.

  • heh, well, I’d happily deal with the fiery type for a good chili or curry 😉

  • LOL, holy shit *No pun intended*

    I guess both you and I are a bit “meh” on JJM (meh, even if my mom side of the family owned these Korean/Chinese places in Korea). I do love a good bowl of jampong though.

    Hope you’re recovered from this “shit” experience bro.

  • sook

    ‘anal barfing’ what a perfect description. gross but apt. kudos.

  • you know how to work up an appetite there

  • yeah that sounds so not worth it if you say it’s only meh

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