Above was to be pix of myself + executive chef Chris Goossen but… we didn’t work out.

Per Angelenic‘s twitter last nite, the place was bumpin’.

Angelenic has tracked Bottega’s build out extensively and whatever can be said so far, has been said. The architectural renderings do no justice. BL is separated into 4 spaces. Inner most “room” – if you can call it such, the joint is 10,000 square feet small – features, front and center, a digitally controlled built-in pizza oven. The space adjoining Grand Ave features deli/pastry counter/coffee bar, next space features the extremely open cold stations, followed by a dining space. Overall, the heavily marbled restaurant cum deli (not quite Dean and Delucca, but.. possibly… better!) screams: “LOVE ME! Downtown kiddies!” And we obeyed.

What we tasted, the pizza, perfectly cooked & singularly served rack of lamb, miniature crab cakes, portobello mushroom “fries” with aioli, the unloved foie gras with apple chutney, the shredded sirloin sliders, beef tenderloin, the SICKENINGLY GOOD macaroons (yo snooty chics from The Association, please spit your macaroons back out if you don’t plan on conversing?), the LA Mill special blend beans, etc. were all above par relative to what DTLA currently offers… with the exception of the pizza.

I was pizza-teased by this Urbandaddy shill noting the monstrous 800 degrees pizza oven, but even at 580 or so degrees, the outer crust was already turning black & still not bubbling. The center was way too soggy (much like the original Bollini pie) and the outer crust was nearly flat. Very odd thin pie, definitely NOT Neapolitan. However, the regular cheese pies use hand pieced fresh mozzarella and the ingredients/toppings were all simple, fresh, tasty.

This place is just going to be mind boggling. They have a NY style pastry bar for breakfast, they have a great looking pret a manger case and the kitchen seems to be in great hands. A huge thanks to Ms. Tilley for the invite.

Grand opening – 6:30am, Monday, April 6th. We wish you well.

Bottega Louie
700 S. Grand Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90017
(213) 802-1470
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  • sook

    this looks very cool.

  • Trisha

    Nice review + pics! I’m lame for missing the soft opening with you special people. Looking forward to trying it though!

  • Looks awesome! Can’t wait to try this place! I can walk to it! 🙂

    WeezerMonkey´s last blog post..Li’l Lilcee

  • Liz

    I wish I had known there was a soft opening for the public. God, it’s a gorgeous space. Also wish I was joining you tonight.

    Liz´s last blog post..Little Bitches at the Little Joy

  • TonyC

    Liz, I don’t think it was for the public. Kenneth and the other host were manning the doors with “guest lists”. Gorgeous space indeed.. and damn tasty!

  • Are you saying that the pizza oven did not get to 800 degrees ? how do you know what happened to it at 580 ?

    John B´s last blog post..Bottega Louie

  • wow that was a very revealing picture of the oven temperature gage. Thanks for that. It’s too bad they let a great oven like that go to waste

    John B´s last blog post..Bottega Louie

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