Ever dream about getting called out by a group of bloggers at an uber fancy restaurant? Involving repeated screams of: “you don’t like anything”, “hater”, “tell me what’s good!” etc.?


Must only be me. Cept it was in real life… As the kiddies say.. FML?

Herewith, we’ll start a lil sit-com series called: “Crap I like”. These restaurants may be just a tad above mediocre, but all very well loved. They will be my connection to the general public, vehicles by which this blog’s public image will be softened, restaurants that’ll allow people to see the gentler side. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Whatevers.

Thang Long. OG Vietnamese clubbers love this place, but not the pho joint across the street. I was told, over and over, at 3am, Thang Long is good now, “The Other Place” is not. No logic, no rhyme, definitely NO reason. Apparently there’s “fad pho”. Quote me on that. I visited “The Other Place” nearly a decade ago. “The Other Place” tasted as swell as any bowl of pho can taste in my decade old memory bank. Thang Long is just as fine. And no, Shark Club’s watery drinks didn’t wreck my taste buds nor toss my brain cells. I wasn’t tasting the Maker’s Mark. Trust.

That nite, as every nite, everyone got the pho filet. Pho filet is part of this “fad pho” trendlet. It’s hot. Not quite Padma hot but.. Paris hot. I opted to stay with the cornucopia of beef varietals in my base soup. Except I got jacked, cuz the pho filet broth was more complex, even tho there was nothing being immersed like the pho dac biet. Apparently the Makers was messing with me after all. Pho filet’s broth was deep, not quite oily and.. a bit touched by msg, but not offensive. At 3am, it wasn’t too sweet, not too porky bovine (as corrected by Gastronomer in comments below), with not too much nutmeg nor anise. Very balanced.

Or very drunk.

Pho Thang Long
9550 Bolsa Ave Ste 115f
Westminster, CA 92683
(714) 839-4955
Pho Thang Long on Urbanspoon



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  • I like a lot of crap. I’ve even been known to eat leftover Pizza Hut for a week straight.

    And there goes what little cred I may have had. Alas.

    WeezerMonkey´s last blog post..There With Bells On

  • jenni h

    i am so there if i ever find myself drunk in westminster

  • Pho is like infinitely hotter than Paris. How dare you soil my people’s beloved national dish. Take it back, TonyC., take it back! Btw, the reason why the broth wasn’t porky is because it was made with cow parts. Boo yah.

    Gastronomer´s last blog post..The French Laundry – Yountville

  • TonyC

    Weezermonkey: please let me know if you’d like to delete that comment right thur.

    Gastronomer: errata corrected.

  • Olivia Newton

    came across your blog from losanjealous.com reading about $2.99 chicken. Good to see you have a blog that connects to the people. I’m bookmarking this.

    Pho is well-loved. What is the other place?

  • TonyC

    hi Olivia Newton, “The Other Place” is across the street: Thanh My. enjoy and thanks for reading!

  • Olivia Newton

    Thank You. The weather is hot now for pho. Why not write about lunch or even brunch? Who doesn’t love brunch?

  • i love this place!

    ronnie´s last blog post..Romantic Lunch Date in Torrance anyone?

  • TonyC

    Olivia Newton (John?): if you hit up the tag cloud, you’ll see a few entries in the Brunch category. Thanks for reading!

  • amy

    haahha “padma hot”. nice.

    amy´s last blog post..Mishima

  • i think next to your urbanspoon badge, you should now include a visual reference that lets people know how good/bad the place is. Padma = 5 stars. Octomom = don’t eat here.

  • The Urban Spoon badge is to their old location. Should give the Bolsa address so people know to go to the right one.

    I like their pho ap chao bo, that’s pho noodles pan-fried.

  • TonyC

    thank you WC. I was adding the “new” location onto Urbanspoon, and it took an extra day for ’em to approve. Updated.

  • i pho king love pho

    sassy susy´s last blog post..Dining Out For Life LA

  • I hope you don’t take it personally when I say you hate everything. Obviously that’s an exaggeration and I say it in jest. I actually like your critical approach to food. You call it like you see it. That’s refreshing in this over-PC world.

  • Holy bhaji’s dude, passed by here with Dylan and Jenni last Saturday in our Little Saigon Crawl, debated but ended up having the crazier Central Vietnamese tweaked out version of soup: Bun Bo Hue with Lemongrass and house made Pork Blood cakes.

    Wish Westminster wasn’t so far away maan.

    Teenage Glutster´s last blog post..Gastro-Enlightenment at Saam

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