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Yo, Tony, I think it’s time for “Crap I like, Part 2.” I’m
getting tired of opening your blog page every day, only to read about
Thang Long once again.

F ME. Twitter owns me. Sorry lah!

In the mean time, check out wtf we’re eating everyday, NOT that anyone cares.

Also check out Eating LA’s new list of LA Food Twitter’s blogspot post: here

To come in the next 2 weeks: Hot Mess Saturdays aka, Saturdays with Tony, the Monstrous W. San Gabriel March/April update, brunch @ Campanile, Birfday @ Zig, Birfday @ Katsu NOT KATSU-YA you fool!, the epic Church & State dinner from March, Thoughts on the 33 people, 15+ course Jitlada shenanigans, and finally, why Umami is total SHAT



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  • yes tony i don’t care what you’re eating. but hey, 159 people do. i second the motion to have some new blog entries written already.

    sook´s last blog post..manic monday

  • I feel you Tony, sometimes bloggers have to strike a balance and unfortunately, I usually strike the balance AGAINST spending time on the blog! Yikes!

    I agree though, less Twitter and more Sino Soul!

    Passionate Eater´s last blog post..Desperately Seeking (An Excellent) Sandwich

  • Pam

    See? SEE????? This is exactly what I was talking about in my twitter bashing post! Now was I or wasn’t I on to something here???

    BTW, I love the Cantonese you added into your post, lah.

    Pam´s last blog post..Tweeting My Way To Taipei Golden Pork Chop, Rowland Heights

  • TonyC

    ahhh lookie! Sook has a blog! Everyone click!

    thanks for the encouragement PE. I don’t know how you guys do it…

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