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Curry festival

Last year’s curry festival was wack. This year the weather will corporate by offering cooler temps, but it does not seem the heavy hitting Thai curry makers (Pailin, Can Coon, Ganda, Jitlada, Spicy BBQ, etc.) will be present. AGAIN. However, we are gonna stop by the Singha beer garden for a brewskie or 2 after a quick meal at Ganda, all in the name of celebrating Songkhran of course!


$30 La Craft beer festival:
Craft Beer title jpg

Some folks are excited about it… but $30 will let me sample almost all the draft beers at The Must anywho… And beer “gelato” – if you can call it that – from Scoops? No thanks.


$40 LA Beer Festival

This festival is operated by the Eat Drink Play team which is also running the Screw the Recession, BBQ Festival, etc. There were discount tix on Goldstar, but it looks like they’ve been sold out as well.


What does sound interesting? Il Moro’s beer tasting for $10


That’s what I’m talking about! $10 beer tasting including fingerfoods!

Thursday, 2 & 9 April
Duvel, Strong Ale, Duvel Mortgat
Oerbiel,Strong Ale De Dolle
Blue Grand Resv,Strong Ale,Chimay
10 Rochefort, Abt



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  • jin

    omg april 9 is my bday. that’s such a great reason to go party.

    i think im going to the curry festival. never been. is it really THAT bad?

  • Il Moro is next to work. Love that place. Expensive drinks tho during happy hour but free buffet. So clutch.

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