Back in January I took my stomach to visit the Asian American Expo at the Pomona Fairplex. Needless to stay, there was a boatload of Chinese people (Chinese Yellowpage is the original sponsor; they changed the name from Chinese American Expo to the commercially far reaching name of “Asian American Expo”) and sprinkles of other Asians, with Vietnamese seemingly leading the rest of the remaining pack. Needless to say, the throng went straight for the Fairplex halls with free food. I know I did:

The craziness at Asian American Expo from Tony Chen on Vimeo.

Gastronomically speaking, everything besides the booze (sake, Japanese beer, etc.) is pre-packaged crap manufactured in some Asian country, hence unworthy of being discussed in this space. There were packs of ramen, packs of frozen this, vacuum sealed that. I “won” a pack of instant stew mix that required no refrigeration. The whole thing was beyond disturbing.

HOWEVER! What we got from 1 of the huge Korean ramen manufacturers (which shall remain nameless) were these chopsticks, err.. forks, er.. forksticks.. err.. chopforks!


These are about 10 degrees cooler than the ones Serious Eats featured in March

And not as tacky of these being sold in Hawaii

But apparently they’re nothing new, having been blogged by OhGizmo back in ’05.

A closeup of these badboys:



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  • KJ Chen

    Shin Noodles is my favorite instant noodles :)-
    We all go to this kind of fair for free sample, no??


    KJ Chen´s last blog post..KiKi Beer House & Grill KiKi燒烤啤酒屋

  • amy

    interesting.. could be good for kids.

    amy´s last blog post..London West Hollywood

  • pleasurepalate

    Hmmm…they could be used as utensils and also as a way to poke people in the eye from either end. :)

  • Shavedicesundays

    Chopforks?? I’ve never heard of them. Looks good enough for those Asians who have lost their Asianess?

    Shavedicesundays´s last blog post..Wolfgang Puck at Sam’s Club

  • Leo SeungYun Lee

    That’s my dad…
    “lousy?” …..

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