Let us think about every restaurant available for dinner at less than $54.50 per person. No, never mind that. Just read the “Recession Buster” category listed by LA Time’s Daily Dish, or the recent LA.com Weekly Dining Deal article. Also for comparsion: one of our fave WeHo locales, Palihouse, rocks a $20 per person Sunday Supper featuring a rotating Parisian menu.

And then this plugger came in the mailbox:

$110 for 2. You’re kidding me, right? According to this Chicago Menupages 2007 price breakdown, the total cost of food listed on the 2009 Seafood & Steak “deal” is $145. While you’re saving $35 (24%), there is always Tony’s on Sunset, offering 6 oz fillet mignon for $25. Perhaps if Morton’s would stop mailing actual cardstock flyers out to non-participating customers, they’d be able to lower their overhead and offer some true dining deals.



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