The first time I set foot in Campanile’s indoor foyer was only couple of years after the invention of the World Wide Web. Ms. Mary Chen, apparently a Physical Therapist now, was my date to [some sort of] formal and my dining companion. Even back in the early 90s, whilst still a teen rocking a bowl cut, the foodlum senses were in me.

Fast forward almost 20 years, a coupla owners, a divorce, and an upcoming reality show, Campanile is still a faved brunch place on La Brea. Cafe Verona just can’t touch this.

Tho La Brea Bakery is now a bastardized skeletal remain of its glorous self (WTF? Did I just spot a faux La Brea Bakery Parisian loaf in a Jewel grocery of Chicago? Damnit I did.), Campanile drops some of the finest (err… most expensive) breakfast platters in all of LA week in, week out.

First up, shirred eggs with harissa. Only got to sample this and it was just full of spices. Not that harissa is part of my daily breakfast dictionary but hey, it’s served in an iron skillet, it must be good. This was fun. But it was more fun because someone ordered cream of spinach. Wow. At 11am, the spinach injected a few ounces of butter fat straight to the vein and somehow tamed the wild eggs.

Quiche lorraine. Hit the spot. Finest quiche of the year so far. Creamy, flaking, hot, well seasoned and reeked of cheese. A few more ounces of cow fat, now into the aorta. Trumps quiche from La Dijonaise, better than the bland what-not served at Cafe WAS. This is, after all, a restaurant built on carbs.

Sauteed trenne. Flavored by olive oil. Crisped trenne, crunchier than al dente, served with bits of kale (err.. cavolo nero, WHATEVER!). Kale and pasta, again, at 1130. Next time, I’m sticking to egg benedicts and … whoah! did I just read beer battered crab sandwich on the brunch menu? Is this why everyone loves America?


624 S La Brea Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90036
(323) 938-1447
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  • “This is, after all, a restaurant built on carbs.”… maybe that’s why I haven’t been back in ten years! I was on that LOW CARB bandwagon back then. NOT ANYMORE. I think I’ll have to check out Campanile again soon.

  • I’ve been meaning to check Campanile out for brunch (as well as their paired Friday flights) — had good experiences so far with their Grilled Cheese Thursdays and their Family dinner Mondays.

    H.C.´s last blog post..Special Foodventure #119: Jitlada (Hollywood)

  • jenni h

    bring back the bowl cut TC. nice pics. did you take all of those?

  • Mmm…I have yet to have a Campanile brunch. Must go.

    WeezerMonkey´s last blog post..I Couldn’t Take the Fire

  • jeni and i just came here for our first time last friday for some wine tasting/food sampling. we only had small appetizers but food was ridiculously good. this restaurant feels really old school but no doubt, they continue to cook some good food.

    beef hearts??? i need to go.

  • is this place pricy?
    the food looks yum and i think you do take wonderful pictures, can you tell me what kind of camera you use? thank you!


    KJ Chen´s last blog post..KiKi Beer House & Grill KiKi燒烤啤酒屋

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