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From Blog Down Town’s comment box regarding the closing of Siptea, a downtown tea house that didn’t make it to the 1 year mark:

It’s almost as if they forgot, “build it in whatever way, shape or form and with whatever cheapest possible quality you can find and they will come regardless, even if you humiliate them, ignore them or nickel and dime them ” it’s what they seem to think these days.

But why didn’t you tell them when you had the chance?
Maybe because you would look like an a’ho?
Or because they will give you lots of explanations trying to illustrate why you are wrong and they are right?
Or maybe because time is money, and there is no reason for you to waste your time (money) when you are not being retribuited? [sic]

Let this be a lesson to every new business out there.

Yes we DO want you to succeed, but no, I’m not willing to give you my income, you have to earn it.

I want Open Door Izakaya to succeed, I want The Best Rib Tip in Compton to stay around for another 10 years. But by god, earn your way by making better food. And no, slushy strawberry balsamic vinegar ice cream slash gelato ain’t gonna earn squat.

PS: being Siptea was a DTLA food establishment, I did make it here on a Friday nite. T’was dead. We felt bad… You can follow them on twitter: as they re-open for online ops next month.



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