LA gets shut out by James Beard, and again, will be heckled by rest of the nation for having shitty food rest of the year.

MikeSula of Chicago Reader tweets results live with a Chicago slant, makes James Beard Awards more interesting than last nite’s LA Lakers game.


Provi logo

Providence rolls its prices back to 2005 and yet still remains out of reach for most.

Four Years of Providence

It’s a paradox, really. At every turn, our wallets are squeezed in every way imaginable, just when budgetary relief is what we all need most. But life’s special moments still need to be celebrated! In honor of our 4th year in business, Providence is providing some incentive for a night on the town. Just as we offered in 2008, the tradition continues. Our ever-popular tasting menus are now available at 2005 prices until the commencement of our 4th year anniversary on June 17th. It’s our birthday, but the reward is all yours!

five-course tasting menu $75/ $110 with wine pairing
nine-course tasting menu $95/$150 with wine pairing

From Providence


Y’all read about the 15 course, 30+ people dinner @ Jitada on twitter, and now you can see the pix on all the blogs.

By B-Side Blog
By Food, She Thought.
By Starchy Marie
By Weezer Monkey


And finally, BACK to grubbin’.

Last nite, thinking about Infinite Fress’ better half’s discourse on froyo and tempted by a huge banner touting GRAND OPENING, we ended up at yet another froyo store on Valley. I believe I’ve had every single froyo store on Valley Blvd, yes, INCLUDING Snow B inside San Gabriel Super Plaza, INCLUDING Pingo, the froyo/soft serve at some random bakery shop, Peach House, etc. Even after swearing off froyo due to the lousy product from Snow B, Luscious Yogurt lured me in with 30% off self-serve froyo soft serve.

From pineapple to mango, tart (don’t – flavored with lemony citric acid, all sorts of bad), pineapple (not nearly as good as Nubi’s Dole), green tea, taro, etc., nothing stood out as “froyo”. But at $.23/oz until May 30, the green tea soft serve ice cream with Made in China rainbow mochi ball is the cheapest cold dessert on Valley Blvd. Couple the severe discount with fresh crepes made by Vietnamese (whom.. you know.. are ALMOST French) owners, maybe this place will survive. Their strawberry nutella crepe at $4 puts them under Crepe Luv’s price point as well. Can someone say crepes ala mode with green tea ice cream soft-serve??

Luscious Yogurt
1402 E Valley Blvd
Alhambra, CA 91801
(626) 300-3933
Grand Opening, April 18th.
Luscious Yogurt on Urbanspoon



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