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From the comments on a piece called “On the House Bruniocalypse”:

I loved this story, but if there is even ONE grain of truth in it, I would have to say that I truly PITY New York City restaurants, their workers, their patrons, and ANYONE who reads the New York Times.

MY GAWD, people, if you can REALLY be intimidated (or impressed) by a frickin’ newspaper, and most especially, by some worker at that newspaper, then I (as a Doctor of Psychology) truly believe that you folks have a serious lack of self-esteem.

You people need to find some REAL goals in life — GOALS that do NOT revolve around “eating.” You need to concentrate upon obtaining an education, and then, a real vocation (sometimes called a ‘life’).

You folks need to lay off the food “blogs”, the “Food Network”, and most especially, the New York Times.

This is the second time in a month I’ve heard the same from a psychologist. Life doesn’t revolve around “eating”. Emphany? Or shrug it off?



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