Preface: this post may offend many Koreans. Tho I’d hate to lose all my K-town/La Canada/Hacienda Heights/Cerritos readership but… really, it’s the truth.

This recipe is so ridiculously stupid it’s not funny. As long as you have a bottle of this:

gochujang in a glass bottle

or a plastic tub of the same:

plastic tub of gochujang

and a pack of instant ramen, that’s right, instant ramen, you can make this dish.

Ingredients List.
as many great internationally known Korean dishes go – think bibimbap and hwe do bap – you can throw in whatever’s left in your pantry unfit to serve guests. This may or may not involve:

Sticky rice cakes (Chinese style is OK, no need to buy Korean brand, trust), sliced or tubular
Spam or other types of canned meat
Napa cabbage
Firm Tofu (definitely does NOT have to be a Korean brand)
Jalapenos, onions, green onions
Various mushrooms (I had enoki + shittake on hand)
Kimchi + kimchi juice
And if you wanna go fancy, OG Korean, chrysanthumum greens, aka, Tung How, in Chinese:

courtesy of Eating LA, from the Alhambra farmers market

Cookware needed:
desktop butane burger

This one's listed insanely at $30? Don't pay more than $10

and a large cooking pan.

Cut stuff up, however you like, and lay it all out in a big pile of circular crap inside the pan, which is, obviously, placed on top of tabletop butane burner. In the center of the pan, drop 3 heaping tablespoons of gochujang, top off with the MSG packet from the instant ramen and dust with cayenne chili powder if possible. The “center” condiments will become the soup base of your budae jigae stew.

It should look something like this:

Add approximately 3 cups of water,bring the pan to a really gentle boil, then stir.

Commence eating. Wait, that’s it? Am I serious? Chunju Han Il Kwan charges HOW MUCH FOR THIS POT OF BOILING third class meat? $25?

Ok, so I might’ve forgotten something, the all important instant ramen. Cuz you know, it’s really hard to “cook” ramen in a pot of boiling stew. Let me “instruct” by picture.

Continue eating. Bring out the soju from the fridge. Make sure you ask your girlfriend to pour the shot glasses by holding her right arm with her left hand.

Total cost: $7 tops, assuming you have gochujang lying around. If you don’t… go to Chunju Han Il Kwan, cuz I can’t disclose my K-Town budae preferences to you.

Other equally ridiculous budae jigae recipes on the net:
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