There is no reason for a pub operated by a handsome gent, carrying an Irish brogue, and a few of his friends, to have food this good.

No reason at all since everything on the menu is sub $10 and the locale is along a prime stretch of Wilshire Blvd, Brentwood, LA (think Amandine…. pastriiiies).

No reason for perfectly browned sweet potato fries to actually come with house made spiced mayo. No reason for the kitchen to actually boil and toss their own soybean pods in spicy Chinesey black bean sauce. No reason for.. wait.. Chinese black bean sauce? Over soybean pod? It’s a bit ingenious, no? Definitely no reason for any ingenuity when some “Japanese” restaurants serve defrosted edamame from Costco. To be courteous, the pods are served in a dual basket of bowls, one for the discarded edamame pods. Utilitarian, cute.

Then there’s the representation of all that is right in LA, served as Thai sausages (bangers?!) and cilantro mash. Ask how this dish is concocted and you’ll see a LA story flash by: Irish dude dates Thai girl. Thai girl introduced Issan sausage to Irish dude. Irish dude screams eureka and reinvents ethnic comfort food, thereby funkifying the entire neighborhood. I’ve tasted Issan sausages (sour due to inclusion of fermented rice) from nearly a dozen Issan restaurants in LA. While I prefer the porky goodies served with raw cabbage, spicy peppers, ginger, & lime, as crudites, this version should be less offensive to Bar*Food’s intended patrons. Major kudos.

We also had the house-made dueling ice cream cones served.. upside town. Too cute. Brentwood’s not gonna appreciate this uncouth serving suggestion. Vanilla is perfectly vanilla, chocolate had bits of chocolate. The plane waffle cone is a fun study of artisinal vs. fairground food.

A few months ago when I had the pleasure of tasting the ice cream, I was sippin’ on a Fat Tire from draft. The ice cream + hoppy beer combo was evocative of an alcoholic cream soda. It was nearly as good as 25 Degree’s Guiness milkshake. A few months later, we hear of Golden State’s beer float. Coincident? or.. prescience?

Did I mention Bar*Food is on twitter? I am a bit obsessed with twitter.

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  • Great bokeh in the first picture. I love the way lights look in small DoF photos.

    The black bean sauce edamame is genius. I must try that at home.

    Louise´s last blog post..Tomato Plant Update

  • I’ve got to try the Thai sausages and cilantro mash!

    MyLastBite´s last blog

  • i love the cilantro mash.

    ronnie´s last blog post..The Coop Pizza. Made with love.

  • Is it strange that I feel uneasy when you write positive reviews?

    I feel uneasy.

    Gastronomer´s last blog post..Berry and Meringue Layer Cake

  • Went to Bar Food a month or so ago. Amazing! Hans mentioned you had come by. We ordered a second serving of the Thai Bangers and Mash. So simple, it was genious. Haven’t seen you since Shibucho. Drop us a note sometime. Be well

  • You said sausage bangers…heh.

    I always tell Hubby I wish there was a place where they just served bar food. Gotta try this place soon.

    Nanciful´s last blog post..Guangzhou, China – Goose Meat and Lotus Root Cakes

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