Will not start on a rant against Kogi’s, only to paint a chow-portrait of actual Mexican tacos in Koreantown, owned by non-Koreans, eaten by non-Koreans, not powered by a publicist who capitalizes all her “L”s.

First up, as noted by both the Fresser and I, R&R. Parked on the NE corner of 3rd and Vermont, this truck has been a popular outpost in K-town for years. Parking is extremely difficult, forcing participants to risk the wrath of the Shell gas station owner, or walk from Ralph’s parking. R&R is marked by a few white plastic lawn chairs, and a varied salsa bar.

To make this random nite a little more structured, I decided on regular grilled carne asada & cabeza at both joints. Results, perfectly mediocre carne asada, just as equally mediocre cabeza. Cabeza could’ve used a bit more stewing, hoped it was al vapor, but it was not.

3515 W 3rd St, Los Angeles,Ca


Next up, ALI.

Usually parked on the SE corner of Wilshire and Vermont, this truck is frequented by Red/Puple Line metro riders and the bus riders associated with said lines. Parking is even worse than R&R’s situation. Cars often line up behind the truck, well into the bus zone. Eater beware.

Pricing here is indisguishable from R&R; tacos are typically $1.25, sopes & huaraches a bit more. With the hurried nature of the truck, do not expect to receive tortilla a mano for only $1.25. These are standard fare small (but not tiny) double stacked corn tortillas. The square styrofoam plates actively evoke memories of eating from taco trucks in Mexico, sans plastic trash bag for purpose of re-use. Here, tacos come with grilled green onions and some roasted peppers. The carne asada was well crisped & salted, while the cabeza was beefy, tender and not too greasy.

Between the 2 trucks, ALI is the clear winner on the taste front.

ALI catering



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  • Noelle

    THANK YOU!!! Thank you so much for reviewing ALI. My church is down the street and I’ve often seen it, and have wanted to try it out. But, still have not yet.
    NOW I can and have confidence that it’ll be good!!!

    Noelle 😀

  • Is that my husband next to the ALI truck?

    Marisa´s last blog post..Hey, Umami Burger, I want my calories back.

  • While sitting at a counter in Vegas on Friday night, we met an executive chef from Palm Springs and his wife who couldn’t stop ranting about how much they HATE Kogi.

    I think you would’ve liked them.

    Didn’t make it to Raku this time…. 🙁

    WeezerMonkey´s last blog post..Assignment Four

  • TonyC

    Dear M, why yes, I believe that is your baby’s daddy.

  • ALI made some solid cabeza. Watching the chefs/cooks–not sure which word is appropriate–in their professional chefs’ gear was especially compelling at 1am. Those guys were working hard. We need to hit some new spots soon. Perhaps post-Ludo?

    Steve´s last blog post..Hey, Umami Burger, I want my calories back.

  • I’d love to hear what old school Korean grandmothers and grandfathers have to say about Kogi and aLLLLLice 😉

    Gastronomer´s last blog post..Great American Food & Music Fest

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  • TC, i see these ALL the time. love the korean LED signs haha. i’ll definitely have to make a stop.

  • Liz

    Weezer, what restaurant in Palm Springs? I spend time there for lunch. Also, SS, like the Ali truck but still prefer the one parked on the east side of Sunset just a few blocks north of Figueroa.

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  • Interesting…wonder what the restaurant owners think of these trucks taking business…

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