Unless you’ve actually been living the life of“Lost”, the show, you’ll know 2008 was the year of Korean BBQ. 2009? Not so much. The Korean American Coalition is trying to bring the BBQ stank back.

From the PR Shill:

WHAT: The Korean BBQ Cook-Off presented by the Korean American Coalition – Los Angeles (KAC), in
partnership with Yelp and AllKPop.com, will be held on August 8, 2009.
• 5,000 participants expected for the event
• Ten restaurants are participating in the competition including Byul Dae Po (Star BBQ), Ham Ji Park, Jinju
Galbi, Mu Dae Po, Park’s BBQ, So Hyang, and Soowon Galbi.
• The restaurants will sell dishes for $10-15/plate.
• Other food booths will include (tentative list): shaved ice, drinks, grilled corn, and more.
• Barbecue categories will include LA galbi (marinated bone-in beef ribs), galbi (marinated boned-out beef
ribs), pork ribs, bulgogi (marinated sliced sirloin), and grilled intestine barbecue.

• Jonathan Gold, L.A. Weekly food critic and columnist
• Evan Kleinman, KCRW’s “Good Food” host
• Emile Mack, Los Angeles Fire Department deputy chief
• Jim McDonnell, Los Angeles Police Department 1st assistant chief
• The Honorable Michelle Park Steel, California Board of Equalization (Invited)
• Russ Parsons, Los Angeles Times food critic and columnist

WHERE: Parking lot of the Summit on Sixth Building, 3223 W. Sixth St., Los Angeles 90010. WHERE: Parking lot of the Summit on Sixth Building, 3223 W. Sixth St., Los Angeles 90010. The event is accessible through the Walgreens parking lot off of Vermont Ave. or Sixth St., as well as off of New Hampshire Ave.

Let’s just say my CURRENT fave KBBQ (not-AYCE, sir) is on the list. I’m surprised as hell, but… when a restaurant serves up a raw slab of ribeye as the dessert course, I’m automatically impressed.



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  • Hey, I’m a bona fide member of KAC so I may even be working this thing… maybe…possibly.

  • Sounds like a great event! Will be a good chance for me to try some decent Korean BBQ.

  • jin

    dood, i’m filming this event!!!! thought the mayor was going to be there too… oh well. i guess i’ll take j. gold instead. maybe he will be in my doc.

  • I’m already planning my food coma…

  • jenni h


    thanks for the plug TC! you rock

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