Blue Velvet, the restaurant cum lounge cum pool at The Flat, announces new summer Happy Hour specials, as well as a new chef:

3 things you have to remember here:
1) FREE VALET. This is important because parking in Westlake can be quite a hassle.
2) 1/2 off all appetizers.
3) pool. girls who like pools. guys who like pools. Pool is good. I shoulda dived into Andaz’s pool at
blogger’s prom last nite.


via yogurt haven's twitter

Yogurt Havens soft opens Saturday 7/25
2256 Colorado Blvd. #101
Eagle Rock CA 90041

There are 2 other ice cream joints within 1 mile radius, but.. it is hot as hell outside so.. wish you guys luck!

Their twitter account is: @yogurthaven



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  • Ooh, I’m totally going to the happy hour at Blue Velvet. Looks sweet.

    And I not only got a Manny Ramirez bobblehead on Wednesday, but I saw him pinch-hit a grand slam. Take that, elitist Blogger Prom! 😉

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