This will be the laziest entry ever. I shall remix 33 reviews from Yelp and create the bestest most slanted Al Be Ne review ever:

“Their portions are huge so if you arent that hungry you can always share. The food is ok. I’ve had better but when you are drunk off your butt and feel like some spicy jammpong soup its a good call.” “Their jjanbbong is their specialty”, “[it] is what’s popular here.” “We got a bowl of champong [edit: bold for Liz](spicy seafood noodle soup) between the two of us to share, and I’m glad we decided to do so because it was HUGE, seriously like the size of our table.”

“This place is like Hodori: 24 hour (I believe or at least late night) and has a whole bunch of things on the menu. So basically this place will serve you well if you don’t know what you want but it doesn’t do anything particularly well.” “Their selection of banchan is pretty sad now. only kimchi, pickled cucumber and one of those neon yellow veggie thing.” Know this: “it’s waaay better than nakwon and hodori on olympic and vermont. The price is reasonable…” but “they use TOOOO much MSG”.

Al Be Ne's sad panchan selection

“Good for late nite drunk food. if it’s not late go somewhere else.” “There are no prices” but “total cost was $15 , which is cheap in K-town.”An extra $2 for valet.”

PS: the famous foot-wide jjampong is $9, the naeng myun (cold noodles with cold soup) was $7, tax included. Then again, I’m guessing cuz the picto-menu doesn’t have pricing.

Al Be Ne
Al Be Ne in Los Angeles



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  • Genius remix. Bonus points if you were scratching on a turntable whilst composing.

  • PK

    wow…nice, I wish there are some 24 hr places in OC.

  • Liz

    Loves. However, as a haole, I have no clue what any of that stuff is. I know Soondubu jjigae, and bibimbap…but the rest? Give a white girl a break.

  • I haven’t been here in a while, but I used to go there to get my jjangmyun fix after watching K-drama 😛
    Hmm .. jjangmyun … I should go back here.

  • annmariesic

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