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Courtesy of Yelp

Ya know Lucky Devil… First you put out a mediocre burger, now this:

Girl gets fired for.. not wearing enough make up? Via Isn’t she lovely, this Hollywood girl.

Of course, this story is really unverifiable, and there’s obviously no fact checking but…

Here’s her head shot off Twitter, and y’all can decide on your own:

Ms. H

Obligatory food thoughts: I didn’t like the 2 burgers we tried there. The beer flight was a-ok. This was during a summer of massive burger consumption, where I was visiting at least 1 burger joint a week in LA. And no, I don’t have pix. It wasn’t deserving of a pix. As far as Hollywood goes, this ranks at the bottom of the pile, below Hungry Cat, below Bowery, way below Bar Marmont and 25 Degrees.

Lucky Devil
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  • That woman is stunning without any makeup!

  • ES

    It’s too bad to hear you didn’t like the burgers. We went there several times when it first opened and the burgers, not to mention the milkshakes and desserts were great. Perhaps it’s gone downhill.

  • Liz

    not enough makeup? she supposed to look like a tranny? no offense to beautiful trannies everywhere, but ya’ll wear a lot of makeup.

  • No desire to try this place. I don’t eat at restaurants named after the devil. I heart Jesus!!!

  • Stacy

    Come on people, don’t believe everything you read on blogs and Twitter. Just cuz one person feels wronged for showing up to work with dirty clothes and an eye infection doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with a restaurant. Heck, the boss even asked her to come back the next day. That seems pretty fair to me. I’ve eaten there several times and their food is great. It’s focused on healthy products and all homemade ingredients. A nice, inexpensive option in Hollywood!

  • Tralfaz

    Lucky V who owns Lucky Devils treats his employees like crap.

  • Michael

    They fry their vege burgers in bacon grease. I know one of the cooks. Lucky also treats ALL of his employees like crap – fires most of them before they are eligible for any benefits.

  • Roseann

    I went into that place one day and I saw that Lucky guy. He was all drunk and yelling at people. When I got closer I noticed this big hot shot dried up sex symbol had some snot on this nose. Well I was trying to eat and he kept coming over asking if everything was ok, I couldn’t help but seein’ that snot. Finally I said, “Hey Lucky, shake up a Diet Coke stick it up your nose and flush that shit out. Whadda trying to do make me sick?

  • Thats really great. Most bloggers dont have much to say or make things up. I am glad you have an honest truthful opinion.

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