We came, we drank, we stood around, we got sun burnt, we took pix, we left.

Note above non-sentence did not include “eating”. I’m just being truthful because… well… we didn’t actually eat at this “food” festival. I know people worked beyond hard, from Grace, the PR gal, to Jenni, to Pauline (hustling at the beer tent) to the dozens of other KAC folks I do not know, but there was no battling the elements created by supposedly 10,000 people trafficking through an area designated for 1500.

Personally, the festival only represented a re-awakening of the general public’s interest in a fun part of Korean cuisine. We’ve already been to 50% of the vendors and eating at an inaugural festival borders on masochism. We were there for the show: to See Mr. Gold! and Russ Parson! and Ms. Evan Kleiman! sweat it out as judges.

By the way, I “hear” Moo Dae Po (and hence Moo Dae Po II) won. How an AYCE BBQ restaurant wins a BBQ cook off, I really do not know. Should you use this judging panel, at this setting, as the ultimate truth to the best KBBQ in LA K-town? I hope not. I know my fave of all the participating restaurants: the joint that serves a $50 combo which includes a big ass 10+ oz raw slab of ribeye at the end of the meal. You know, as dessert. O wait, you don’t already know? And that’s why you read restaurant review blogs? SUCKAS.

Herewith are some visuals, click on images to enlarge:

Some other thoughts on the BBQ event:
By Harb Knock Life.
by Ryan of Losanjealous.com.



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  • http://harbknocklife.com harbknocklife

    great pictures!you had more patience with this event than I did. When I’m on a mission for beef, I go wherever the meat is.

  • http://www.MyLastBite.wordpress.com MyLastBite

    lovely photos and even lovelier dress on Ms. H!

  • http://sassyflashyclassy.com sassysusy

    awesome pics… dang u took a lot…

  • http://yutjangsah.blogspot.com sook

    this kinda makes me glad i missed it. btw, someone asked me the other day if J.Gold was skinny bc they had this theory that all gourmands are actually swizzle sticks. i had to do one of those “no comment” deals with my eyes lowered diplomatically. we love the gold! but he’s round like a god.

  • PR gal

    Hey! I’m so sorry we didn’t feed you at the festie :( Thanks for coming and braving the crowds. You took some amazing pics!!! Next year, lunch will def be on me :)

  • http://yeahmanh.com yeahmanh

    Did anyone check out the units inside the Summit on Sixth? I built that! Well…I was the PM on that project.

  • j gold

    Mr. C:
    I think we were all surprised Moo Dae Po won, but of the galbi presented to us, theirs was probably the best. When I’m spending my hard-earned KBBQ dollars, they usually end up at Park’s – whose galbi, along with Hamji Park’s pork ribs, I recognized instantly – but you judge what what’s put in front of you.

  • http://www.infinitefress.blogspot.com Steve

    Don’t drink the Kool-Aid, Mr. married one. J-Gold is right about Park’s, however. It may be my favorite place in L.A.

  • TeriLA

    I really wanted to go this year. After seeing your terrific photos, I won’t miss it next year.

  • http://foodcomma.blogspot.com Food Comma

    It was great seeing so much enthusiasm for this event, and too bad so many stalls ran out of meat before we got there! Quote of the day: “Like sex, even bad Korean barbecue is pretty damn good.” -J. Gold

  • http://seewhatiameating.blogspot.com/ KJ Chen

    I totally missed this one and ya, how can a AYCE place won the spot for BBQ cook off? don’t people cook by themselves there :)-
    and how could you not eat there when there were so much food!!!


  • http://cafepasadena.wordpress.com Cafe Pasadena

    SS: very appetizing pics!
    And, the food fotos were ok.

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