We came, we drank, we stood around, we got sun burnt, we took pix, we left.

Note above non-sentence did not include “eating”. I’m just being truthful because… well… we didn’t actually eat at this “food” festival. I know people worked beyond hard, from Grace, the PR gal, to Jenni, to Pauline (hustling at the beer tent) to the dozens of other KAC folks I do not know, but there was no battling the elements created by supposedly 10,000 people trafficking through an area designated for 1500.

Personally, the festival only represented a re-awakening of the general public’s interest in a fun part of Korean cuisine. We’ve already been to 50% of the vendors and eating at an inaugural festival borders on masochism. We were there for the show: to See Mr. Gold! and Russ Parson! and Ms. Evan Kleiman! sweat it out as judges.

By the way, I “hear” Moo Dae Po (and hence Moo Dae Po II) won. How an AYCE BBQ restaurant wins a BBQ cook off, I really do not know. Should you use this judging panel, at this setting, as the ultimate truth to the best KBBQ in LA K-town? I hope not. I know my fave of all the participating restaurants: the joint that serves a $50 combo which includes a big ass 10+ oz raw slab of ribeye at the end of the meal. You know, as dessert. O wait, you don’t already know? And that’s why you read restaurant review blogs? SUCKAS.

Herewith are some visuals, click on images to enlarge:

Some other thoughts on the BBQ event:
By Harb Knock Life.
by Ryan of Losanjealous.com.



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  • great pictures!you had more patience with this event than I did. When I’m on a mission for beef, I go wherever the meat is.

  • lovely photos and even lovelier dress on Ms. H!

  • awesome pics… dang u took a lot…

  • this kinda makes me glad i missed it. btw, someone asked me the other day if J.Gold was skinny bc they had this theory that all gourmands are actually swizzle sticks. i had to do one of those “no comment” deals with my eyes lowered diplomatically. we love the gold! but he’s round like a god.

  • PR gal

    Hey! I’m so sorry we didn’t feed you at the festie 🙁 Thanks for coming and braving the crowds. You took some amazing pics!!! Next year, lunch will def be on me 🙂

  • Did anyone check out the units inside the Summit on Sixth? I built that! Well…I was the PM on that project.

  • j gold

    Mr. C:
    I think we were all surprised Moo Dae Po won, but of the galbi presented to us, theirs was probably the best. When I’m spending my hard-earned KBBQ dollars, they usually end up at Park’s – whose galbi, along with Hamji Park’s pork ribs, I recognized instantly – but you judge what what’s put in front of you.

  • Don’t drink the Kool-Aid, Mr. married one. J-Gold is right about Park’s, however. It may be my favorite place in L.A.

  • TeriLA

    I really wanted to go this year. After seeing your terrific photos, I won’t miss it next year.

  • It was great seeing so much enthusiasm for this event, and too bad so many stalls ran out of meat before we got there! Quote of the day: “Like sex, even bad Korean barbecue is pretty damn good.” -J. Gold

  • I totally missed this one and ya, how can a AYCE place won the spot for BBQ cook off? don’t people cook by themselves there :)-
    and how could you not eat there when there were so much food!!!


  • SS: very appetizing pics!
    And, the food fotos were ok.

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