Just want to take a moment to shill a pal, and introduce this blog to a new readers. Call this an organic attempt at increasing audience.

Dishwasher Ready

I met DWR during my first visit to Tavern, while Infinite Fress and I were munching on fava. DWR noticed the SLR (it’s such a blatant penis compensator) hanging out on Tavern’s granite bar, casually asked if we were “food bloggers” and we became instant BFFs. That is, until Diana Takes A Bite replaced me immediately at a Ludobites dinner. Such is life in the war of food bonding.

All kidding aside, we wish Dishwaser Ready the best, with a warm serving of welcome on the side.



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  • Liz

    If it’s a penis extension for YOU, what is a DSLR for a woman? Peen replacement therapy?

  • TonyC

    geebuz Liz, comment at 530am? Clearly someone is too excited over her new digital toy. DSLR on women? I’m still undecided. I find it ’em wee bit intimidating, some would say sexy?

  • It was bound to happen one way or another. Two blonds with Texas-sized appetites and a penchant for sweet/salty ice cream were meant to be together! But thank you for the introduction, Mister Foodie Cupid. You do good work for the people.

  • TC: You will always have a special place in my heart. You are my boy BFF and DTAB is my girl BFF. One big happy food loving family. Thanks for the shout out!!!

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