No one will ever mistaken my food pictures for those of Jennifer Munvold or Lara Kastner, but like most people, I think I have “good taste”, just like I think I’m a “better driver”.

When the day I needed a photographer on the quick arrived, I’m glad Winnie came to me serendipitously. (By “serendipitous”, I mean by the way of Weezer Monkey.)

by Winnie Seieroe

While many bridezillas love over saturated, over stylized, beyond hip, beyond trendy pictures, I do not. Winnie’s photos look timeless, and I’m thankful. In 10 years, white will still look good as neutrally white, sunflowers will look perfectly fine as unmolested yellow, but what looks good in contemporary fashion magazine will no longer matter to me. Ms. Seieroe is taking a year of sabbatical from her IT career to pursue a portrait photography path. We wish her the best.

And thanks Winnie!

Winnie’s photo blog can be found here.

Obligatory food note: what Winnie and I had for dinner a week later at Church & State –



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  • i’m confused. what does this mean?? did you get married? if you did, congrats! if not, i don’t know why i thought that, i’m an idiot.

  • Woohoo for everyone in this post! 🙂

  • congrats to the lovely couple. you guys look great. hope you had some good food to celebrate. : )

  • Liz

    zomg! did you get hitched? did you finally debastardize your dog? make an honest woman of your beautiful partner? outgrow never-never land? i kid, i kid. but if you did, congratulations. many congrats from a happily married person.

  • um, gee, new here, and was gonna comment on the recipe.
    anything with that much condensed milk is destined to be sublime.
    Can’t wait to try it.

  • Congrats to you both! Saw the photos that Wandering Chopsticks took of the two of you, looking so happy and cute 🙂

  • Good work. And that’s all I have to say about that. 🙂

  • Congrats, to the lovely couple! 😀

  • OMG! Me so stupid! I didn’t click on the link until H.C said something! You guys looked perfect! Congrats to you and Hayon (who looked BEE-YOO-TI-FUL!)

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