This is the final “coverage” post of the day.

Last week, Diglounge was sweet enough to let us know about a tequila tasting event. While I’ve previously tasted Tres Generaciones at other events, this one promised to be different. There was to be “mixology” and “farmer market produce”. Everyone’s a sucker for muddled, shaken, stirred or infused fruity booze.

Despite a slight fever and seemingly decrepit joints caused by minor food poisoning, I made it to the uber posh W Westwood. My partner in crime longed to dine at Nine Thirty, especially after ___ took over, but this was no time to eat. We were on a mission to realize the softer, chic side of tequila.

Liqueur companies have ramped couriering brand ambassadors across the land in order to maximize alcohol sales during this period of booming sales and our gentleman in charge, Eddie, was a craftsman. I made a beeline to the fresh figs as soon as I arrived but was quickly shooed away because Eddie was actually using the seasonally foraged fruit as an actual ingredient in “LA Love” (recipe below):

After confirming one’s ability to handle spiciness, the Pena Spice eagerly landed in everyone’s hands. This one can be described as michelada with cajones. Please be sure you enjoy a savory cocktail before reproduction.



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