Blue Hill Stone Barns’ menu is decidedly simple yet simultaneously obfuscating. The left hand side of the menu lists a entire page of ingredients to be used during dinner service menu. The right page merely offers 2 styles of prix fixe, 5 courses, or 8 courses (dubbed Farmer’s Feast).

Cavolo nero (black Tuscan kale) was embedded among the huge list of ingredients that day:

What makes this extraordinary was the final texture and taste. Think grade A nori. Due to the high mineral content of kale, after smoking, the Cruiceferous vegetable leaves tasted like dried seaweed. Presented (again) on pin frogs, these 2 crunchy sheets of faux nori (one of my favorite snacks of all time) were intriguing little bites of texture and taste simulations. Ann Wintour might hate all things black, but I’d imagine even she might have enjoyed this processed superveggie.

The menu at Blue Hill, Stone Barns.



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