… Continuation of the September 11th Blue Hill Stone Barns meal…

OK. So the next amuse comes and brings anti-climatic downer. Whimsy is good, creativity is great, but… melon balls? Before the first course? Just straight up melon balls? Where’s the foam? Can I at least get a bit of mozzarella with that? Or maybe some prosciutto? Nay.

Before you start complaining about the ROI of this $135 meal, remember: September is within melon + tomato season. Then take a bite of the cantaloupe. Know that the watermelon sitting next to the flourescent orange ball is grown within meters of your chair.

Yup, those were some precise examples of melons. Topped with wee sprinkles of black pepper, they were wisely used as palate cleansers between the next 2 heavy animal protein based amuses.

To be continued. (Did I mention there were 13 examples of amuse bouche that evening?)



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