As of this July, Daikoku-ya, now proprietors of 4 ramen shops, is the biggest ramen hawker in Los Angeles. They’ve surpassed Santouka and Shin Sen Gumi in terms of sheer quantity, as well as Yelp reviews, and has become a proverbial restaurant group with the addition of Bishamon, Ebisu (August of ’06), Bento-ya, etc., all under the umbrella of Bishamon Group Restaurant.

[L: Monterey Park, R: Little Tokyo]

The short falls of Daikoku-ya has been discussed previously by Rameniac in greet deet, no need to repeat the offensives here. What all the Kool-Aid drinkers want to know? With the tentacles of Diakoku-ya spread nearly 40 miles, must one drive to Little Tokyo, and deal with the insufferables, just for a bowl of 拉緬? (Yes, ultimately, this is just overpriced Chinese food).

Monterey Park break down:
Ironically, the MPK location of Daikoku-ya is 1 floor below Shin Sen Gumi Yakitori’s Monterey Park branch. It’s on the north side of the complex that also contains Empress Harbor, my default dim sum joint; Shin Sen’s on the south face. There’s plenty of parking just up front and the structure is wide enough so you don’t have to worry about stray Chinaman hitting you while parking. Instant bonus point to the MPK location. Since opening, Daikoku-ya MPK has calmed down a bit. No more 30 min lines during week nights. Weekends? You’re on your own son!

Think of a stereotypical faux sake house in Kyoto. Not that I’ve been, but that’s what pops out. It’s got just as much character as the OG Little Tokyo location, if not more. Definitely more charm, less Jenglish. The place is tiny tho.


Still the eggy yellow curly ramen, still the Hakkata tonkotsu-based oily broth replete with sesame seeds, green onions and marinaded bamboo. That’s all good but… people only care about the nitty gritty: “is the broth warmer than the DTLA location”? Is the egg warm? How is the kotteri? Answers: the broth is still “warm”. The egg yolk isn’t cold, but it definitely ain’t warm. But the kotteri cuts are just dang good. It ain’t bacon. Bacon is over rated. Kurobuta fat, braised, luke warm, or otherwise, just slides down your throat. With a slight hint of salt, it doesn’t need to be especially prepared. At the Monterey Park location, they don’t over-saturate the broth with kotteri oil, and I’m ok with this. The “plain” broth is already plenty fatty for this aging body.

Other than ramen:
Homey don’t eat $5 gyozas when homey can get 50 dumplings for $10 down the block.

I crave ramen about as much as I much as crave donuts: hardly ever. This (626) bowl, priced at the exact same $8.50 as the Little Tokyo location, is just fine. Can’t really say the same for Costa Mesa nor the Eastern SGV branches without actual sampling, but there’s trouble a-stewing in the OC. Through the Japanese community grapevine, I hear tales of uncaring young Taiwanese gents being hired for the Hacienda Heights location. Troubling news indeed. From simple observation, Daikoku-ya Monterey Park, much like its Japanese competitors upstairs, is still utilizing an all Japanese staff.

111 N Atlantic Blvd #241
Monterey Park, CA 91754
Phone: (626) 570-1930
Daikokuya on Urbanspoon



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  • WeezerMonkey

    [whispering] I love Daikokuya. :P

  • r a m e n i a c

    sino, thanks for the linkage. but seriously, get thee to japan and sit down for a bowl or eight at ichiran, ichiryu, taishoken, taiho, or any number of a thousand places and i think you’ll start to crave the stuff. remember the first time you ever made out with a girl? and then remember the first time you ever made out with a HOT girl? lol.

  • rachel h.

    ah, see, i do love myself some ramen.
    a lot. crave. often.
    one of my first meals here was at daikokuya, and despite despite, i am still stoked about that.
    and i now i must thank you! so looking forward to monterey park ramen! heck to the yes!
    also! i agree with rameniac, you must eat in japan. kyoto nabe yake udon still remains the best bowl of noodles i ever did have.

  • H.C.

    I only eat ramen sporadically too, but from what I can tell the ramen between DTLA & MPK are pretty close if not the same, and I like the latter location for LACK OF A LINE. My friends and fam though insist DTLA is better… maybe cause they got hungrier with that extra half-hour+ wait?

    But given this heat wave, I’d much rather take Chabuya’s cold ramen noodle salad, even if the pork is comparatively subpar.

  • Liz

    ok, this sounds really good even if it also sounds like you are slagging them off a little bit. does it follow that if there are kool-aiders, that the food must be worthy? usually not necessarily. Little Tokyo being in my front yard, should I hit this?

  • Watch Me Eat

    I’ve never seen a restaurant specializing in ramen. Definitely not something I’m aware of here in Orlando.

  • TonyC

    Liz, I’d hit it. After all, it’s a JGold darling and perpetual lister of the Essential 99.

  • Louise

    I’m glad that there’s finally an MPK one. The Little Tokyo one is closer, but man the lines (even during off hours) are too much.

  • jk

    People should try Hana Ichi Mon Me in LT. It’s good. It’s been around a long time. Better than Kouraku, which people seem to boost. Better than Shin Sen Gumi in my opinion. It’s not the tonkotsu style though.

  • RamenJew

    This place is overRATED. Not worth the wait especially compared to anothe local Ramen place that shall remain nameless. I have japanese wife, Jewpanese daughter, have been to Japan enough times and know my shit. In little Tokyo Koraku is just as good, but there are other that are much better.

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