During the 60s and 70s, Jim Dandy Fried Chicken proliferated in Biloxi, MS all the way out to New Haven, CT and then some. Here’s a random old Jim Dandy lid for your viewing pleasure: http://www.flickr.com/photos/25692985@N07/3838265139/

My chowhound post from 1 Year BB (Before Blog):

Now that’s some fine ghetto fried chicken. Granted it was a chain from the Midwest, but the spicy fried chicken had great crunch, great skin, just enough spices (not spicy) and my oh my.. the FRITTERS!

The Jim Dandy fritters were a cross between donuts and beignets. Them were some beautiful samplings of fried carbs in action.

Unfortunately, in retrospect, the chicken was a bit luke warm, and the meat a bit dry, but Jim Dandy’s has one of the best skin in all of LA. Compared to Dinah/Honey’s Kettle, it’s actually a tastier skin, with a very amiable crunch. I don’t quite remember the chicken we had at Joy the Baker’s party, and it wasn’t quite fair to compare catered fried chicken against something straight from the fryers, so we’ll mark Chris’ fried chicken down as a TO-DO joint.

If anyone can decipher the fritter, or has any clue how it’s made, please let us all know. It had a thick cornmealy crunch, nearly the texture of beignets, and was covered in powder sugar. You can’t eat more than one. It’s like the perfect scoop of donuts.

Much like Pioneer’s, Jim Dandy is a relic of the past. Unlike Broaster’s chicken, there’s still good reason to pay this historial hole-in-the-hall, replete with bullet proof glass and tiny waiting room, a visit.

Jim Dandy Fried Chicken
(323) 779-5567
11328 S Vermont Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90044

Jim Dandy Fried Chicken in Los Angeles

Jim Dandy Fried Chicken on Urbanspoon



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  • http://www.weezermonkey.com WeezerMonkey

    Mmm. I love Honey’s Kettle, so would like to try this to compare.

  • http://seewhatiameating.blogspot.com/ KJ Chen

    I used to live around there for about 5 years and when i first found it, it was good but time and people changed in there, the food didn’t taste that good to me any more and i found the flavor just changed too. Glad see it on there though, bring me back some good memories!


  • http://www.foodshethought,blogspot.com Liz

    My mouth is watering. And that really says it all.

  • jenni h

    Yum! Is a jacket and bullet proof vest required?

  • Chandavkl

    Congrats on the Eater L.A. link for this item.

  • http://www.feedmela.com FEED ME LA


  • TonyC

    KJ, you’re so thug. Jenni: it’s quite a safe neighborhod, IMO. FEED ME: you scare me. hence YOU should take ME out to lunch.

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