There are French chefs, then there are FRENCH chefs.

Mr. Lauvand, from Périgord (yes, the region producing most desired of black truffles), became well known in the US at Le Cirque, after boarding the Oriental Express, as well as cooking at the 2-Michelin Star Gerard Pangaud. Le Cirque was the pantheon of French supper club dining prior to it’s first closing in ’96. Here, Chef Lauvand received both 4 stars (and 3 stars from Ruth Reichl) while working under Daniel Boulud. He then helmed Montrachet, the famous Tribeca restaurant opened in ’85, closed finally in ’06, and promptly received 3 stars from Ruth Reichl. This is the stuff of fabled stories, from a time before chefs starting posing shirtless at the beach. Why no profile of this gentle chef on the most popular food sites? No clue.

Tomorrow, Sept 24th, Breadbar Culver City provides the chance to taste Chef Lauvand’s cuisine at only $8 per plate. For $64, two people can taste the essence of Lauvand’s cooking in just one evening. Menu below:

By the way, altho S. Irene Virbila’s reviews are haphazard, it’d behoove everyone to know Chef Lauvand also received a 3 star from the LA Times as the ex-chef of Social Hollywood. The man has a lot of stars.

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And for something not quite classical, Gyenari, one of the few restaurants on the Westside serving Korean BBQ, brings TV power to its new menu. They’re touting this as a meal fit for a “king”. You can see how royal you want to feel after checking out the menu below:

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