It is beyond difficult to get recognition in a professional restaurant review.

Witness this exclamation in reference to Pal Cabron’s review. Witness this old Chowhound post in relation to this South El Monte Pho round up.

The Western San Gabriel Valley is our stomping ground. Kung Hua, the closest “written-about” Chinese restaurant, is only 1425 feet away. While Asian food (sans Japanese) isn’t the only thing that goes into this stomach, geographically, it is the most accessible. Though sometimes, restaurants still escape by; think Lung Lung (to be featured shortly), Pearl’s Kitchen and A&J Bakery. Without serendipitous good fortune, a tumultuous relationship requiring a good shrink, an obsessive desire to be the glorious first, and a deep hunger for new gastro-ventures, JTYH wouldn’t have made it onto the radar .

Mr. Gold on JTYH, Rosemead, CA

photos by Anne Fishbein, for LA Weekly

To be honest, the tablemate for life discovered this place. She likes memes and she likes odd signage. “JTYH Market”, with a row of extremely complex looking Chinese characters underneath, is right up her alley. Personally, restaurants sporting “Blue Hills” has greater appeal but… what the hey, the vinyl signage said Shanxi shaved noodles and who’s not a sucker for house-made “pasta”? The rest is history. Or is it?

Despite going live with the first version of a 4000 word Q2, 2009 SGV rundown containing the JTYH blurb on August 18th, the poorly edited, non-pictorialized, 3 months late post was removed from the public eye a few days later. It didn’t garner much traffic. Not J. Gold worthy traffic.

During August, Kung Food Panda took a group of fine folks, including The Gastronomy Blog, with at least 10x the traffic of this site, to Rosemead. On the 28th, The Gastronomy Blog featured JTYH, sporting a super sexy mnemonic featuring “Justin Timberlake”. September 3, the original JTYH piece was extracted from the monstrous Q2, 2009 run down and cross posted onto Chowhound, as well as this site, after new info on the restaurant was received and verified. On Sept 9, Squid Ink’s Noah Galuten provided the first linkback. Sept 22, Runaway Squirrels (who has lunched with Mr. Gold) published her post of JTYH.

Then on Sept 27, Mr. Gold (who teases with extracts from his review on Twitter) issued this tweet, and I began to wonder:


Mere days before the weekly LAW Thursday review published, both Eating LA and Food GPS published reviews, both with credits. Wednesday night, Bsideblog did a quick round up (and honestly B, I don’t always read the round ups…) and that’s when it finally dawned.

Last summer, Yelp Los Angeles interviewed Mr. Gold for its blog. The decision to start this blog was heavily motivated by one sentence from Mr. Gold:

And I think Tony C hates me, but I like the vengeance with which he attacks the restaurant search.

On this blog’s First Blogiversary, October 10, (Taiwanese National Day, ie, 雙十節), Eating Valley Blvd will go live at It will solely feature Asian eateries from Valley Blvd, between the 710 and the 605 freeway, covering approximately 8 miles. With the advent of Eating Valley Blvd, more space will be dedicated here to thuggy Carson eats, (really) lousy Long Beach eats, random LA street eats, and perhaps even some Indonesian experiences, replete with brain curries, from West Covina.

In the end, this post is really a thank you, to all the neighbors (hi DG, hi WC!), the readers (hi tricerpops!), the commenters (hi WeezerMonkey! Food She Thought! MyLastBite! Gourmet Pig! et al.), the email pals (hi Diana!), the writing inspiration (that’s Infinite Fress), et al.

And yes, I still have that post-coital glow. If I smoked, I would be on my third pack of the week.



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  • sku

    Props to you for that mention…very impressive. The only other blogger I think I’ve seen him mention in a column is Erik M.

    By the way, do you hate him and, if not, why would he think such a thing?
    .-= sku´s last blog ..Gin for Whiskey Lovers: Genevieve Genever Style Gin =-.

  • Thank YOU for your most excellent SGV reconnaissance and friendliness. Without you, I wouldn’t have discovered the L.A. food blogosphere. And…I’m going to JTYH for lunch today! πŸ™‚
    .-= WeezerMonkey´s last blog ..A Pleasant Prix Fixe =-.

  • jlscribbles

    Yes, big kudos to you for your great work sharing your food adventures. You certainly deserve recognition for your efforts writing, taking photos, and sharing your thoughts.

  • tee hee. how convoluted yet awesome to trace how it all came about. will def check out EVB since i’m not as familiar w/ the area as i should be. kudos!
    .-= Hanhonymous´s last blog ..Farmer’s Market tamales: Soothing, oh so soothing … =-.

  • You are too kind. See you next week.

  • Now THAT’S a shout out!

  • TonyC

    sku, iunno why Mr. G thought I hate him. Probably caused by my narcissistic gloating on Yelp, in which I proclaimed myself, not him, the Christopher Columbus of SGV? BWAHAHAHAHAHA!

  • I’m looking forward to the new website!! TELL ME ALL YOUR SECRETS!

  • So we’re gonna discovery all of Tony C. SGV secrets on the new site? Nice!

    Keep up the good work T!
    .-= Kung Food Panda ´s last blog ..El Taquito Mexicano Truck – Love the Proximity (Pasadena) =-.

  • Pam

    Congrats again for the mention & thanks for all the SGV hospitality, neighbor! Looking forward to the new site, just make sure you take us to some of ’em. πŸ™‚

    BTW, speaking of it being hard to get recognition in a professional restaurant review, I always kinda thought the idea behindthis LA Weekly article was a little too suspiciously similar to a post about a Hainan Chicken Rice cockfight that I wrote back in 07 I could be wrong, but whatevs.
    .-= Pam´s last blog ..My Favorite Childhood Dish, Loud and Proud: Steamed Pork With Salted Duck Egg =-.

  • Liz

    You are a fucking stud! Congrats on having your expertise recognized by someone whose expertise is so highly valued. Maybe you ARE the next J Gold, he can’t stay at LA Weekly forever. I am looking forward to the new blog. Introduce me to some Chinese food I don’t hate and my husband will buy you drinks.
    .-= Liz´s last blog ..Umami Wednesday: Sous Vide, is it? =-.

  • Congrats and thx for finding this place. Heavy Noodling was a place that the BF and I sorely missed and we were thrilled when we read your post about JTYH.

    Also, Eating Valley is a great concept for a blog.
    .-= Louise´s last blog ..From Fan to Clan =-.

  • that’s awesome.. and such an interesting post.. i don’t get out to SGV very often (probably once every few years) but that’s probably bcuz i get enough “dao xiao mian” and chinese food in taipei.
    .-= joanh´s last blog one more month to see Pixar: 20 Years of Animation in Taipei =-.

  • Aww, I love how excited you are about this. Wait, are you gonna hit up all the places that offer Hainanese chicken rice or just the ones known for it? And, we Hainanese are a bit clannish, following other family members. So as far as I know, the Hainanese in Vietnam are all concentrated in South Central. Saigon, where the majority of Chinese were, were mainly Trieu Chau/Chiu Chow and Fukkienese.
    .-= Wandering Chopsticks´s last blog ..Who Would Want to See a Movie About My "Foodie Life"? =-.

  • Brahk

    Congratulations! It is a difficult acknowledgment to achieve indeed. However, Eddie Lin has not only been mentioned in an “Ask Mr. Gold” column ( but Mr. Gold himself acknowledged on a KPCC recorded Zocalo talk that Deep End Dining is a food blog he regularly reads. (Here:

    Keep it up.

  • Regina

    aw, what happened to my shout out? it’s okay. you’re still awesome ! πŸ™‚

  • Yay I’m an e-mail pal! A darn good one too! I keep the laughter flowing with my nonsensical musings on overpriced handbags and quinoa. Good times in the inbox.

    Congrats again. We all bow down to the Foodie Cupid.

  • this is unbelievable! So coool!!! I just went and LOVED it.

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