SinoSoul’s most excellent Blue Hill Stone Barns adventure continues

Part 6 is when the fun stuff really begins (not to say face bacon wasn’t any fun but… )

First, there was roasted cantaloupe puree, served cold, covered with house cured copa.

Blue Hill Stone Barns roasted cantaloupe with copa

It is very typical to pair Italian cold cuts with cantaloupe; sometimes, prosciutto is even used as a wrap over melons. Forget all that nonsense. Here, as par for majority of the amuse served at Blue Hill, the copa should be carried to mouth by fingers, and chased down with the roasted melon puree. The copa melts in the mouth, leaving remants of saltiness which elevates the already beyond sweet (due to roasted caramelization) cantaloupe to new heights. The source for the copa? Berkshire piggies raised a few hundred yards away. Unfortunately, no pictures of alive pigs were captured during the trip.

Next, playing to the current unhealthy pork obsession: corn with lardo.

Blue Hill Stone Barns, corn with cured lardo

Completely self explanatory. Sweet sweet corn covered by cured lardo. It is exactly as one would imagine, except served in designer ceramic spoon on top of a slab of granite. This was a bit subtle compared to the explosion of late summer flavors conveyed by the roasted cantaloupes. Good thing it was actually placed in mouth before the copa/cantaloupe 1-2 punch despite the order of presentation on this page.

To be continued..

Blue Hill at Stone Barns
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