Not sure why Shakey’s Mojo doesn’t have an Internet shrine…


Few weeks ago, Mojos were on my mind. I couldn’t stop talking, thinking, and twittering, about them. Finally, after days of being an annoyed listener, the chickie told me: “mojo’s aren’t that good, it’s just because of your childhood memories”.

So let’s retrace: once upon a time, servers at Shakey’s dressed like this:

Shakey’s was my first memorable experience of dining out at an “American” restaurant. The food shocked me. A flat, round “bread” with odd crap on top, bowl of bad tomato soup served on a plate. Then the fried chicken and fried potatoes came. ZOMG! This is why everyone loves America! Fried potatoes! Sign my ass up on the first slow boat to Lady Liberty! And these dudes in these foam hats? Fantastic! Despite eventually taking a relatively fast plane across the ocean, it was decades before I set foot inside a Shakey’s again. The pies still smelled the same, a bit herbal, a bit too crunchy. But the fried chicken, when compared to say.. Popeye’s, doesn’t hold up. Yet the Mojo’s taste exactly the same! Chalk it up to corporate franchising! It’s ok to love America again!

Once in a while, I still get stupid for Mojo’s.

Shakey's Mojo Fries

When one finally gets to stop the hankering, it’s ok to get a little bit stupider:

Mojo's topped with a piece of fried chicken skin from Popeye's

Above is a slice of Mojo’s topped with a piece of fried chicken skin from Popeye’s, dressed with Popeye’s fake honey. Ick. I ate it.

Shakey’s Pizza



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