(By Variety) From: left La Terza chef Gino Angelini, Michelin-starred Providence chef Michael Cimarusti and Providence maitred/co-owner Donato Poto

(By Variety, circa 2007) From: left La Terza chef Gino Angelini, Michelin-starred Providence chef Michael Cimarusti and Providence maitre'd/co-owner Donato Poto

Many of you lamented the missed opportunity to mingle at the Gold Cocktail party a few weeks back. Fear not, on Sunday, November 8th, you may mingle again.

For a free pair of tickets to hang with some “Great Chefs of LA”, follow simple guidelines below:

First, follow Great Chefs of LA on twitter or Facebook.

Second, leave a comment below, stating why you should be hobbing and knobbing Govind Armstrong or [insert fave chef from list], instead of killing time at a distant blogger conference.

A winner will be selected by Randomizer.org

Third, comment once and comment before Nov 6th, or consider yourself DQ’d.

A hungry person will win 2 tickets, valued at $300, and yours truly will buy order you a round of (free) drinks. Grub Street LA and Food GPS are also doing Great Chefs of LA giveaways but… trust me on this, your chances of winning are a lot better here.

Jokes and grub aside, this afternoon of food, wine, music and auctions will benefit the National Kidney Foundation of Southern California. GCLA draws more than 500 people each year and the recently introduced “Go Green, Go Organic” theme promotes eco-conscious living and sustainability, utilizing organic foodstuffs and eco-friendly products throughout the festivities. The list of contributing chefs below:

23rd Annual Great Chefs of LA 2009

From the list of Chefs alone, this promises to be the greatest dining charity event since Taste of Nation.



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  • Doris

    Because I would feel like I won the “loteria” if I got to meet Jimmy Shaw! How’s that for pithy? Love your blog by the way!

  • Diana D.

    I should win because I just spent several days putting together and cooking a five-course tasting menu in which every dish focused on some form of pumpkin. I refuse to use canned, so I had to roast 8 big kabocha, three acorn squash, two spaghetti squash, two delicata, and a butternut-all in different shapes for different dishes. THEN I made the dishes-Fried pumpkin ravioli with stilton dip, arugala salad with warm delicata; polenta, pepita brittle and dressing; sage, butternut and parmesian soup; acorn squash stuffed with merguez cous-cous and pine nut stuffing; and a warm from the oven skillet pumpkin genoise with goat-butter frosting (my own creation).

    It was fun and tasted great, but seriously, next weekend, I’d like someone else to make ME dinner.

  • Kim

    I would love to hobnob with Celestino Drago and sample some of the food from his restaurants that the partners where I work describe in tantalizing detail but will never take me to.

  • I adore food blogs and have always would be excited out of my mind to attend an event like this (as a 20-something one year out of college, my funds don’t usually allow it). Mingling with the great chefs of LA as well as all the food bloggers I follow would be a dream come true!

  • Annette

    Because I love to eat and I never win anything. This would change my whole life!

  • Eli

    I already bought my size XXL sweatpants.

  • I should win because I ate (well, sampled) 16 different dishes at Cube and lived to tell about it.
    .-= Diana´s last blog ..Cube: My new essential restaurant =-.

  • govind armstrong. his shortrib grilled cheese sandwich made me weep.
    .-= sarah´s last blog ..Luxury Chocolate Salon, Los Angeles October 2008 =-.

  • janice ishikawa

    i hope to win because i love food and food loves me.

  • Nanette Pastor-Hanna

    I must win so that I can bring back food inspirations to the nearly desolate south bay!

  • jc

    i hope i win because i need 8oz grilled cheese with short ribs. now.

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  • mikeyC

    I need to meet Neal Fraser so I can get some sweet doughnuts!!

  • TonyC

    Thanks for commenting! The contest is finito.

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