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Apparently Sony Picture Studio has tons of over worked rats. Every single dining venue on Culver’s restaurant row has happy hour specials, even Fraiche, an outwardly haute cuisine restaurant.

Amongst so much quality booze, it seems improbable that a nouveau Korean BBQ house would seduce with something as tasty as the soju caipirihna. Without crib sheets, it took 3 flavors of Asians to identify the muddled fruit in this cocktails as “lychee” Some thought pomegranate, some said lime (included, but not muddled), but it mattered not. The combination (raspberries, muddled lychee, lime, soda and soju) was a sweet and sour profile that everyone desired; it is Gyenari bar’s best seller. This gloriously fruity (hence metrosexual in some hands) drink is seen in the middle below:

gyenari cocktails 2

To the left below, we have Gourmet Pig‘s mango mojito. Don’t mind the color, it’s about 3 steps too pale to look like a mango anything, but there was definitely mango, there was definitely rum, there was plenty of mint. Truth in cocktail advertising!

To the right below, sitting behind the “Culver Cosmo”, is the “Makers Float” (as well as the pretty-in-red Diana Takes a Bite). This was a bourbony take on a root beer float. Instead of overwhelming sugared water, there is oak aroma to compliment the sweetness of the Baileys and the root beer. A It’s hard to not love floats, and better a liquor float than a beer float for those ratted out by work.

Gyenari mango mojito Gyenari Marker's Float

Thanks to the generosity of Gyenari’s staff and operators (ie, this was a gratis meal), we were able to sample nearly all of the cocktails on the lounge list. Coupling the 3 above with the jager-like Korean Malt means a tipsy stomach before the grilling even began. Good times!

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  • I’m scared to try alcoholic floats. Something about dairy and alcohol doesn’t sit well with me.
    .-= weezermonkey´s last blog ..Gorging at Gary Danko =-.

  • TonyC

    Bring over a bottle of Rogue/Hitachino/Young’s Choco Stout t’row and I will change your mind Weezy.

  • Soju caipirihna, done. But food, is BBQ worth it? What’s good?
    .-= Hanhonymous´s last blog ..BLD: It’s what’s for dinner =-.

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