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Why are cuppings so fun? Is it the idiosyncratic terminology? (crust, aerating, etc.) Is it because people get grinds on their noses? Is it the slurpy sippy noise? Well, it could be the hurricane slurpy noises …

Blue Bottle is a big deal up in SF. People can talk about De La Paz/Ritual/Four Barrels being worthy competitions of Blue Bottle, but with the arrival of Blue Bottle in La-La Land, the enterprise now officially has the hype, fame, and reach, of a true star.

Angeleno have waited for ages for Blue Bottle to arrive, and this Fall, Equator Cafe of Venice finally brings SF’s finest to LA. In addition to hand sourced and unique selection of books and art at Equator Books, the Cafe portion of the venue will offer standard drip coffee in a variety of beans, as well as loving espresso pulls in cute little Bodums, the double walled jobbers with thermo insulating properties.

Blue Bottle Equator Cafe Cupping

Blue Bottle Equator Cafe Espresso

These lovable Bodom espresso demitasses are works of genuis. It’s so simple: there’s no need for a handle because the air trapped within the double walls acts as the perfect insulator. Air doesn’t conduct heat very well. Mr. James Freeman, founder of Blue Bottle, was actually on hand for the cupping during the grand opening. With the expansions which BB has taken in the last few year, it’s good to see the coffeephiles being equally serious about a satellite operation that isn’t within the realm of hometown comfort.

The standard double espresso sampled at the tasting was pungent, with a thin layer of crema, not too sour, not too bitter, thick like a chocolate tout and non-intrusive with the its aroma. Just a lovely little pour of cafe. The chickory flavor at Blue Bottle is used at Humpry Slocombe for their BB Vietnamese Coffee Ice cream, which, after sampling, inspired this No-Cook Vietnamese coffee ice cream.

Equator Cafe Cupping after math Equator Cafe Cake Monkey Pairing

With the flu season in full swing, the cupping was skipped in favor of Cake Monkey’s Coffee Crackle Sandwich. These sammies just oblierated the Cakewiches in every single taste criteria yet didn’t completely chase the flavors of the espresso out of the mouth, perfect pairing for a pre-party at Equator.

Thanks to Food She Thought as well as TBG for the invitation.

Equator Cafe
1103 Abbot Kinney Blvd
Venice, CA 90291
(310) 399-9282
Equator Cafe on Urbanspoon

And now, the giveaway:

Blue Bottle Equator Cafe Giveaway

Half a pound of Blue Bottle Coffee beans (variety undecided), and a Equator Cafe Mug to a Randomizered commenter, or the 700 Twitter follower. Tell me the first time you’ve heard of Blue Bottle Coffee, or why you hate La Mill, or why you think Equator Cafe’s going to be the bestest thing on Abbot Kinney, etc.

Retail value, ~$30. I’m not keen on shipping coffee mugs, so, winner, please come pickup when you visit San Gabriel Valley for dimsum next weekend. O, contest ends say.. Friday the 13th. That seems like a good day to end things.



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  • Julianne

    I found out about blue bottle coffee while visiting friends in SF. One of them suggested grabbing coffee and the rest was history. Definitely one of the best cups of coffee I’ve had! =D

  • jlscribbles

    First had BB up in SF at the Ferry building. Glad to see them here in LA.

  • Maian

    Heard of Blue Bottle in SF but never got to try it. Huzzah, here’s my chance! When in SF I had Philz instead, which I thought was very good. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • I’ve never had blue bottle coffee but then again, I never saved the world like I claimed in my college entrance essays so here goes: I should win the big ass bag of blue bottle coffee because the Bodum glass was designed by a Korean woman. I am a Korean woman. The end.

    Wha? Doesn’t make sense? Hey, take it up with the ucla philosophy dept. I didn’t take any classes from that dept. but whatever. not my fault.
    .-= sook´s last blog ..Venice =-.

  • Funny. When I think of “cupping,” I think of Eastern torture.
    .-= WeezerMonkey´s last blog ..Wily Wylie, Wizard of Food =-.

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  • Mindy

    First time I heard of Blue Bottle Coffee was thru you!

  • sku

    Great write-up and pictures. I love the look of the little demitasses. How would you compare the espresso to Intelligentsia?

  • ming

    Now I don’t have to travel 6 hours to get my BB coffee fix! Thank you Equator for bringing BB to La La Land!!

  • good one tony. cupping? :0

    i need a cup right about now and driving to abbot kinney is a lot closer than to s.f.
    .-= bagnatic´s last blog ..voodoo at the palace station =-.

  • Stan

    i heard of blue bottle after i had better coffee at cole. then i told you, bitch.

    and anyway, you haven’t tried local123’s coffee in berkeley! new!

  • Stan

    oh, and hey, have you tried earning some money before you start giving stuff away?

    and can you put up the motorcycle as a prize next time? thanks.

  • TonyC

    Late addition to contest rules: family can’t get free swag. And why yes, I am earning some money! Tripvine’s soft launch is tomorrow. Check me out as a Tripvine Insider. Woot!

  • Rosa

    I’ve only heard the tales of Blue Bottom Coffee, but have yet to try it myself! Glad to see it’s available here now 🙂

  • zarpandit

    Fantastic, strong and delicious 🙂

  • cupping…reminds of that chinese stuff that causes the welts on your back.

    Went to visit a friend in SF earlier this year and he said “I’m taking you to the best coffee IN AMERICA” which was a rather tall statement. We ended up at Blue Bottle. I think he’s pretty close.
    .-= djjewelz´s last blog ..Bottega Louie – The Look =-.

  • Okay, I’ll play. The first time I heard about this blue bottle coffee bizness was when I read about it on Food, She Thought. Turns out Liz has thoughts about beverages too!
    .-= Diana´s last blog ..EAT MY BLOG Charity Bake Sale =-.

  • TonyC

    Congrats to Maian! This giveaway is CLOOOOSED.

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