Last year this time Toshi Sushi took reign as “the greatest omakase bargain” in Little Tokyo.

Toshi Sushi mukozuke course

In continuing their position on the throne, on November 10th, 6pm-10pm, Toshi will have an anniversary party worthy of any professional eating contestant: $40 AYCE and AYCD, standing room only.

Though the omakase is now up to $44.xx per person, the kaiseki-like coursing still presents loads of flavor (and tradition) at very little dollars. During the last sitting, geoduck, toro, aji, kanpachi, and Wagyu beef all made appearances. The courses of the omakase represented “sakizuke: an appetizer similar to the French amuse-bouche”, “hassun: the second course, which sets the seasonal theme. Typically one kind of sushi and several smaller side dishes, mukozuke: a sliced dish of seasonal sashimi. Futamono: a “lidded dish”; typically a soup.” and “yakimono, a broiled fish”. Here, you will not get a blue crab roll. Here, you will not get an oyster quail egg shooter.

Toshi Sushi carved aji Aji as art

Let there be no mistake, this is no Zo, Toshi-san doesn’t pretend he’s running Mori or Urasawa. There is pride in this work, there is fish wrapped in kombu ala the “old way” – think 18th century Edo style – when zushi fish actually was cooked before being served on top of fermented rice. There is one itamae, one sushi counter, things done one way. Despite the outpour of Japanese population away from the area, Seki-san decided to purchase an small restaurant business next to the most prominent Japanese museum in LA. This is a beautiful thing.

Toshi Sushi
359 E. 1st Street
Los Angeles, CA
(213) 680-4166
Sushi bar reservation for party of 3 or less only. Put ’em on your speed dial

Toshi Sushi hassun course



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