Monster Dog

There is just so much backlog of little importance from out of state restaurants (Zuni, Bar Tartine, Flour+Water, Blue Hill at Stone Barn [Part 8!?!], Tilth, Jean George, DBGB, Crush, ad nausea) that I must bring this to your attention.

Seattle’s Monster Dog (stands) offer cream cheese ghetto dogs. Yes, we were drunk; yes, we finished; no, I wasn’t proud of myself the next morning.

This is the popular cart, across Quinn’s in Capitol Hill, that was swarmed even tho Seattle was rockin’ a toasty 40 deg this recent November.

Monster Dog

Sizzling Monster Dog

And what we sampled at 1am on our first evening in Seattle? Not Pike’s Peak, not drink the coffee, a grilled dog with much paleness, ie, cream cheese and mayo. Just lovely, and possibly even better than danger dogs.

Cream Cheese Dog in SeattleCream Cheese Hot Dog



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