Indonesian-Americans at a grand opening in West Covina

Mid last summer, I requested some brain curry from Gourmet Pigs.

And this is one of the few reasons to read all the food blogs. Cuz they knowz. I wasn’t gonna find gulai otak on my own in LA. I’ve had it once, on the side of the street in Indonesia, just like how GP described: the yellow curry topped with red oil was barely luke warm, pestered constantly by flies as it sat in an uncovered steamer pan, slowly flavored by the soot from the street next to which it sat all day long.

It was the funkiest bowl of offal I had while in my twenties. I nearly hurled but for the need to “save face” in front of an overseas colleague. He was showing me the OG Jakarta, because I told him I wanted to eat “street”. Fuck my stomach, I didn’t literally mean eat the dirt off the street, but hey, whatevs, streets of Jakarta didn’t do me in like the back alleys of Shanghai.

Raso Minang Cow Brain Curry

Forward nearly a decade, GP calls my bluff: “I’ve got cow brains for you”. “O shit, no she didn’t”, I thought. Last time I (triple) checked, this dish isn’t served in LA. Verdict: like everyone else, I prefer the nasi bungkus. Raso Minang’s version of brain curry was warmer, and smelled of coconut milk, much like a typical Indonesian curry. The entire dish, served in a pint cup, was enough to split between 4 people. Everyone pussed out after a couple of bites. Any essence of the brain, if there exists such a thing, was neutralized by the curry powder, tamarind, etc., used in the curry. Thank god. I’m never going back for this again. Hope Deep End Dining reads this post ASAP because I just emailed Grubstreet LA the address

Raso Minang
989 S Glendora Ave #15
West Covina, CA 91790
(626) 939-3333
Raso Minang on Urbanspoon


People's Choice Jamaican Restaurant

(Yes, I ate a dick, hope all the detractors are happy now)

Then, a few weeks months later, I accepted my own challenge. After being ridiculed by the good natured chef at People’s Choice Jamaican restaurant, I had to throw down big. After all, Gourmet Pigs went huge last year, I had to start the new year right with some homo-erotic bites. Nothing says I’m down with the natives like eating cow penis. Well, nothing unless they served up some whale penis. As far as farm stock is concerned, I think cows are right up there versus horses. Personally, I’d love to know if Southern French folks eat horsey schlong. Someone fact check for me please?

People's Choice Shadowy Jerk Chicken

I did not go forth to South Los Angeles searching for cow shlong. What I hoped for were some pungent, burning morsels of jerk chicken and beef pattie. It’s one of the things I miss most from the frozen tundras of Chicago. Having read the black white board for the daily menu, I posed the question to the order taker: “what is cow cod?” Having visited dozens of Jamaican/Carribean restaurants over the last few years clued me with no hints. The nice lady called the chef over: “chef, tell this young man what cow cod iiiis”. The only other Islander couple (gorgeous wife, super cute kid) in the minuscule dining space giggled. Thank god the mobile browser loaded with a Wiki page — Cow Cod Soup demystified. After all that effort, I had to order the small bowl of this aphrodisiac. $5 it set me back, and another $5 for a side order of jerk chicken.

People's Choice Cow Penis Cow Cod

All the straight boys are probably wondering: what does penis taste like? Welp, if you’ve had well done beef tendon in pho, you know the texture of cow cod. The soup was a light beefy broth with hints of Scotch Bonnet peppers, and other bell peppers; a bit spicy, a bit garliky and peppery. In addition, to keep it OG, there were wee-wee-esque pieces of flour dumplings. Overall, the bull penis and dumplings were an assemblage of phallic love that was darn tasty, and perhaps spicy to some.

The real star of People’s Choice was the jerk chicken. I heard through the grapevine that Princess Kitchen has shuttered. Since the last fews visits to Princess Kitchen, I’ve had some pretty lousy jerk chicken in LA. People’s Choice brings this dish back in a huge way. Grilled smokey chicken, straight from the kettle smoker, reeking of charcoal briskets, is cooked quickly in jerk sauce. Besides being oversalted, this is some of the best jerk chicken in Los Angeles. It puts TiGeorge’s rotisserie chicken to shame. [edit: apparently the fact TiGeorge’s the only Haitian restaurants makes its food irreproachable so the following is added] A Taste of Jamaica, the most recent jerk chicken I’ve come across, should come to People’s Choice for a grilling lesson. Eaten with rice and beans, the chicken’s salt level should become properly balanced. Also, at $5 for a small side of chicken, this is the best jerk value in town as nearly a pound of chopped chicken is served in the container.

Love this place. Will be back for goat curry and ackee/salt fish.

People’s Choice

3750 W Slauson Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90043

People's Choice on Urbanspoon

NB: I’m in no way, shape, or form, endorsing deep end dining. It’s a myopic and discriminatory form of grubbing which I wish not to partake on a regular basis. Some people, somewhere, of some ethnic origin, consider these foods their daily sustenance. Dick jokes were funny in the seventh grade.



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  • You’re an ANIMAL!!! I love it! Curry brains and Jamaican “sausage” all in one post. Bravo! My dad used to eat brain omelets in Greece – it was a starving country so they had to use every part of the animal possible. No wasting!

  • oh god …. sure I bowed out after a few bites of the curry (I don’t want mad cow disease, tho I don’t mind the taste :P) but but … “cow cod”? *shiver*
    In fact, I can’t even look at that photo you posted for an extended period of time! Maybe one day someone will talk me into it … if it’s all chopped up so I can’t distinguish it.

  • Oh, and I had all this witty things to say to you about calling your brain bluff, but then I saw the penis and I forgot them all.

  • Few bites? I really liked the cow brain curry. But like GP, I was worried about the mad cow disease. I feel my brain melllting….

    I tried Rocky Mountain oysters this past summer. But they were breaded and fried so they didn’t taste like much.

  • Thats hilarious, I hope we didn’t scare off diners with influx of penis today 🙂 Honestly, yours looks like it would take more courage to eat. My version was a bit tame. I’ll have to tell my friends that this is the next place to try. Thanks!

  • Eek!

  • So much for nose to tail dining. Brain to dick is much more interesting. Mad props to you for chowing down on cow pen0r.

  • And you’re giving me props on eating genetically modified pizza? Although I gotta admit that the cow penis looks tastier than the not cheese on Domino’s pizza.

  • Liz

    Oh em gee. Ell em ef ay oh!!!

  • Veronica

    Wow. That cow cod picture says it all. I’m speechless – although it might be because I can feel my stomach rising through my throat right now. Bravo.

  • TonyC

    Just keeping a tally: Anna, Uncouth Groumands, Stuffy Cheeks, Nancy, Liz, into penis. Gourmet Pigs, Weezer Monkey, Veronica, not so much. DJ Jewelz is on the fence.

  • Cow cod? Doesn’t look that menacing. By the way we have ngau pin (ox penis) bun bo hue noodle soup in San Jose (NorCal). Do you guys have that in SoCal?
    .-= BeefNoGuy´s last blog ..阿宗麵線 Ay Chung 西門町 Xiemending Taipei =-.

  • That is bestiality. I am fearful that I might have eaten a ball that was thrown in the mix at a Thai noodle & broth joint. But knowingly eating a penis? That’s almost as bad as eating a raisin.

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  • Joyce

    Tony, I remember you saying repeatedly that our intestine dish was “disgusting.” That SERIOUSLY pales in comparison to this. You da man!

  • William

    Tony, when I met you I suspected that you have “short man’s syndrome” or a Napoleon Complex because you are a short man. It wasn’t confirmed until reading your posts that you are a bitter little man with something to prove. You are really, really short too. How short are you?

    Most of us already know that you hate Ethiopian food and to some extent Ethiopian culture, but now you have shown how despicable you truly are by singling out TiGeorges’ the only Haitian restaurant in LA.

    Also, I’ve heard reports about how you are a total douche. Clare told me a great one about when you went to her dinner party. I’ll let you try to figure that one out. Other bloggers I know have similar Tony C is a douche stories.

    What a pathetic little boy you are.

  • Jeebus – you and Eddie are seriously creeping me out. I just can’t even contemplate eating some of the things you boys put in your mouths. (I am not prepared to admit any more than that, ’nuff said.)
    .-= MaxMillion´s last blog ..Cultures collide — The Little Tokyo Korea Japan Festival – Feb 6th =-.

  • Interesting dynamic between the two articles. I thought you would lead with dick before the brain. I’ve eaten some pretty odd things in my life, but I don’t think I could eat that cow cod, looking like that. Maybe if it was cut up and fried…deep fried. You’re a braver man than most
    .-= Aaron´s last blog ..Le Bernardin avec Eric =-.

  • I thought you would lead with dick before the brain. I’ve eaten some pretty odd things in my life, but I don’t think I could eat that cow cod, looking like that. Maybe if it was cut up and fried…deep fried. You’re a braver man than most

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