This is, undoubtedly, way cooler than the actual restaurant week itself:

DineLA Chef Familiy Tree

Hovering over each chef brings a pop-up of where they’ve previously cooked. Hovering over the restaurant list at the bottom shows which chefs have been in that particular kitchen. According to this graphic, the most fertile chef-breeding restaurant in LA is Spago, with Patina trailing by only 1.

The cool display shows that chef Matsusaka of Beacon, whom, by the way, makes a KILLER burger, has worked at the most restaurants on the list. However, in reality, we all know (and as verified by the bio blurb) Chef Padermo takes the cake with at least 10 LA restaurants under his belt.

As far DineLA, after last session’s weak performance by Spago itself, I’m hesitant to hand restaurants my moola. Great concept, great results for the restaurants, but ultimately, I have no desire to eat another plate of braised short ribs or slow roasted chicken (Jidori or otherwise).

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