Kingburg has been extremely reliable for as long as it’s been there. Previously, some of their bites were covered in Oct of ’08.

Dollar for dollar, this was one of the finest bowls of niou rou mien in existence in Western San Gabriel Valley. The only thing amiss were the thin wheat noodles that didn’t have enough body, not enough “Q”, and simply not enough surface area to carry the stewed juices into your mouth.

Kingburg Kitchen hand pulled beef noodle soup

Recently, the only sore point disappeared from this bowl, based on a Taiwanese grandmammy’s recipe. Last weekend, after reading, re-reading, and questioning the placard menu casually sitting on the side of the formica table, I wanted to yell “eureka! hand pulled wide noodles! At last!” As much as I love the knife shaved noodles at JTYH, inherently my carbophobic soul trembles when I see such large strands of calories swimming in a bowl of soup. Hand pulled wide noodles, not offered anywhere else in the West San Gabriel Valley as far as beef noodle soups are concerned, is the perfect match to this potent bowl of broth. Here, a small bowl of beef noodle soup, punched up with cilantro, pickled mustard greens and an unsubtle hint of spiciness, is that “perfect bowl” in terms of price, sizing, and savoriness. As the past, you may pair the soup with 5 heavyweight dumplings, freshly wrapped, freshly boiled, and served immediately. The soup noodle/noodle soup and dumpling combo remains beyond affordable at $7.

Still enjoying this place, despite the heavy carb hype elsewhere in the 5 mile radius.

Kingburg Kitchen
715 W Las Tunas Dr
San Gabriel, CA 91776
(626) 282-2386



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