What’s better than beer and espresso coffee on Valentine’s Day?

Beer and espresso black coffee served separately.

La Mill Black & Black

Remembering LA OC Foodie’s twitter a few days back, I stopped by LA Mill for a brewski after a jaunt on the Brutale. After a long ass wait and zero explanation from the server, I finally asked for the alcohol menu. Again, with no explanation, since the server was apparently too busy, the black & black was ordered instead of the tea champagne cuz it matched the leather jacket better.

A full glass was served and the 1/2 bottle of remaining Old Rasputin Russian Imperial Stout was set aside. This really presents a problem. What you’re getting, at the end, is thinned espresso coffee and hence thinned black & black. What I assumed to be a double espresso, should’ve been split into 2 demitasses, for a constant ratio of black & black. Whatevers though, it’s beyond difficult to tell. Everyone agrees Old Rasputin’s RIS already speaks of chocolate, toffee and coffee mixed with strong malt aroma & big body. The beer straight killed any remnants of espresso. A bit of a waste since Old Rasputin can be found for $8/4 pack. Worst yet, Hitachino’s Espresso stout is already a very successful version of what La Mill’s black & black is trying to do.

Bottom line, next time, just get the espresso.

La Mill
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errata: just read the PR pieces: there is no espresso in the Black & Black. This makes so much more sense now. The drink is even less convincing as “beer and coffee”. Maybe they SHOULD use espresso instead?



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  • Stephanie

    I am not sure where they are going with their alcohol menu in general. I stopped by on Sunday and tried the tea and champagne and I couldn’t even finish it. For some reason there were almost no bubbles left in the champagne so it tasted like flat champagne with light juice in it.
    I love their coffee, but they need to reconsider their vision.

  • La Mill is the worst spot in Los Angeles, and I offer as proof their attempt to profit off the ghastly combination of coffee and beer. In addition, their clientele is somehow more painful than SLS Bazaar’s. I bet they did no business on the occasion of the ludicrously swarmed L.A. Street Food Festival.

  • Greg Ellsworth

    Were we at the same place for Valentines Day? I went to La Mill with my girlfriend and received just the right amount of attention. When we got there, we were greeted and I asked what the offerings were in the way of alcohol. We were given the alcohol menu. I asked for elaboration on the “black & black” and our server explained to my understanding. I ventured into the unknown and was rewarded for my adventure. My girlfriend completely agrees with me. What tasted off about your drink? Ours came as described and tasted wonderful, as did our desert.

    As for attention, I ordered right away, received my B&B within reason and was given enough space to truly enjoy time with my girlfriend. I know I will be back and ordering a Black & Black again. For arguments sake, maybe I will ask for a Black & Espresso and write back here as to how it compares to my initial B&B.

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  • Toffee and malt aroma and a strong mix of large coffee, which several mixed together, must be a very strange cup of coffee, but certainly very tasty.

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