Delphine W Hotel Hollywood

$8 double espresso. In this age when an American “regular” is a double, and a double is sometimes a triple, this double-double espresso, packing in nearly 6 shots of the dark cafe, was still a monster, both in terms of caffeine and price. Just look at the size of that cup.

IMG_0020-sm Aassiette de chocolate maison Delphine

After stuffing our face at BoHo, a cocktail, dessert, and brew was in order. Beyond the aforementioned coffee monstrosity, the Manhattan, along with the chocolates de maison dessert, were order.

The Manhattan, made with vermouth, bitters and fancy maraschino cherries, was severely bitter. With nearly no hints of sweetness to tame the dry bitterness, I was only able to sip the drink gently and softly, prompting the affable waitress to repeated ask if the drink should be remade. The waitress’ affability index will come in play a bit later.

The house chocolate sampler dessert course was served in the form of macaroons, one big ol cookie, a bitter chocolate ganache, and couple of bite sized brownie pieces. All were decent, save for the cookie of which the waitress gushed. This was merely a personal preference though. Some folks like crunchy cookies with soft innards, others like completely chewy cookies with gooey centers. The crunchy folks would’ve enjoyed this big ol piece of baked dough.

Delphine W Hollywood  Front Manhattan at Delphine W Hollywood Bar

What really takes the cake at Delphine is the decor, decor in terms of actual decor, and the people decorating the furniture. There is faux lofted ceiling covered by curved, dropped wooden sound panels (to keep the noise level down in WeHO?), yet these panels hardly cover the exposed AC ducting. The banquets have funky, warm, and tough denim covers, while the long bar is adorned eloquently with tall vases sporting fresh cut flowers. The front room & bar have great visibility both in and out, and one of the greatest joys might be to stand at the bar, all European-like, and absorb Hollywood in all it’s glory. There are patrons of the Pantages theatre, there are stragglers, panhandlers, party mongers, mass transit riders; people from all walks of life, of all ages, races, seem to congregate at the Hollywood & Vine Metro Station. The worldliness of Los Angeles is also reflected in the bar patrons at Delphine. To the left, a lovely lesbian couple quietly takes in the loud night; to the right, a lovely BFF sexagenarian couple, just finished watching Stomp, boisterously chat with the managerial staff; far down, a possible porn star holds court with the equally hot bartender.

All that, available for an entrance fee of $8. It’s better than going to the movies.

W Hollywood



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  • $8 for 6 shots? Whatta bargain! I still can’t get over Cafe Florian in Venice (San Marcos Square) charging 10 Euros for a cappa, not that I’ve tried it, which by today’s exchange rates is US$14 (single shot).
    .-= BeefNoGuy´s last blog ..[台北] 許家黃金牛肉麵餃子館‏ – Hsu’s Golden Beef Noodle Soup and Dumpling House =-.

  • TonyC

    DUUUDE, that cup @ Florian comes with the Pizza San Marco, the view AND the musicians. Not that I partook in the festivities myself when I visited, just couldn’t pull the trigger.

  • Lesley

    Tony, nice little drop-in review, but Hollywood & Vine is the HEART of Hollywood. Not West Hollywood. hate to be that person…but I am.

  • TonyC

    Haha! Lesley. Thanks! Totally reminds me of Curbed/Eater LA greybox comments: “It’s Glassel Park, not Eagle Rock”. You’re absolutely right. I corrected the title/deck, but did not correct body.

  • I’d be one of the mass transit patrons – Hollywood -Vine is my #1 most frequented stop. I’m with you on the chewy cookies, if that’s what you’re getting to… BTW, how much tip did you leave for the poor waitress? 😉

  • hi..great thx for the nice post. i will keep on watching you..tomorrow will be here again for your new posts.

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