While slightly tipsy…

The eternal tablemate started blabbin’ about Jitlada: I want Jitlada. We haven’t been in so long. Everything is so good. There are SOOO many good dishes. I want fried pork ribs, you know, with the fried garlic, and curry. But it’s so spicy.

This went on and on during entire consumption of a shared reuben at Edison.

So while people were getting tanked on St. Patty’s, Jitlada served up a tranquil second meal. By tranquil, think an unusually quite room dotted by thoughts of angry stomach convulsionS the next day. Shortly after the turmeric fused Southern curry and moo tod kra tiem were served, the ever effervescent Jazz showed up with a big metal cauldron of soup (noodles). After casually mentioning this was what she was having for dinner, especially when she’s weary, she walks away, leaving me a bowl that’d rock my senses (or anus, either way).

Jitlada boat noodle

This particular bowl of boat noodle is unlike those found at Sapp/Ord/TTN – there is no beef blood, but does smell of pleasant 5 spice, heavy garlic, cilantro, and beef. The broth is sugary, sour, but not as sour as yen ta fo, and extremely spicy. If it’s spicy enough to make Jazz sweat, it’ll probably make you sweat. And sweat we did. The point is to try something, try everything, despite what the bokehed magazine print out may show in the background.

And that fish kidney curry? Putrid. Don’t even pretend you’re Thai enough to eat it. My Thai pal’s dad, who’s Southern, is the only person I know who actually eats a bowl. All the rest of us are reduced to 2 bit punks after 3 spoonfuls.

Jitlada in Los Angeles


A Friday Rant & restaurant blogger gossip mongering, feel free to NOT read:

Just found out a person bitched and whined about the last big meal I hosted at Jitlada May of ’09. Nearly 30 restaurant bloggers from far and wide (Foodwoolf to Starchy Marie to Eat Drink Be Merry, B-Side Blog, Delicious Coma, Oiishi Eats, Daily Gluttony, Infinite Fress, Thirsty Pig, Food She Thought, Kung Food Panda, Harb Knock Life, Wandering Chopsticks, ad nausea – feel free to google, I’m too lazy to link, sorry lah!) chowed on a pre-ordered menu while I busted my ass hustling dishes and drinks for everyone, barely taking a bite.

Everyone seemed to have had a good time, or so I thought.

Recently, a voice told me someone apparently didn’t get what they wanted because of the pre-ordering even though they’ve NEVER EVER VISITED. Realize this: Jitlada has a small kitchen. It’s not meant to host a banquet of 30. The physical layout of the restaurant clearly dictates this. Pre-ordering is a must for a large party Jitlada; experience after 5 large Jitlada soirees confirms this. With the help of Erik M’s email to THE PIGMON circa Feb ’09, the “prix fixe” menu has some semblance of rhyme and reason in regards to dish sequence, dishes ordered, introduction of cuisine to n00bs. Also, I’ve forwarded this private “Jitlada for first timers” memo to many a Jitlada virgins, always with proper attribution. ALWAYS.

So here is my passive aggressive back-handed public apology, a year late: I’m sorry I didn’t order the steamed green lipped mussels in curry, nor the spicy fish kidney so everyone could tick items off Mr. Gold’s must-eat list circa 2007, 2010. Really. I’m so selfish since I’ve eaten/ordered those plates prior, and I wanted to explorer the menu. Please note, “attendee”, feel free never to join again, and feel free to revisit Jitlada at any time, instead of waiting nearly a year, for dishes one supposedly yearns, but never previously tasted.

Good times LA!



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  • I love her special noodles! Once, Jazz even sent home all the components so I could “make” the soup for Peter that night. She rules!
    .-= MyLastBite´s last blog ..Guinness Steak Pie [re-post] =-.

  • “leaving me a bowl that’d rock my senses (or anus, either way).”

    .-= Kelley´s last blog ..Truck chasing blues =-.

  • I still have nightmares about the day after that Jitlada meal. My ass literally can’t handle it.
    .-= weezermonkey´s last blog ..Even More Bazaar =-.

  • Ack, sorry about the disconsented attendees…why not visit Jitlada themselves and get whatever they wanted?

    I heard about this place from Jonathon Gold’s 99 Things to EAt before you Die…I’m curious to try it!

  • glad to hear you say that about the fish kidney curry. tried it last weekend, and thought the exact same thing.

  • you can’t please everybody…haters.
    i still need to go back to jitlada and try it properly, though the spotty service is a deterrent.

  • lol at the second half of this post…damn crybaby…what a kid. i’ll have to check this place out sometime when i’m in the area. second lol at the fact that i don’t know who jonathan gold is =x (i just googled him)

  • Marisa

    Even though we’ve been Jitlada’ing for years, we only just recently tried the “fish kidney curry,” and we did not like it at all. (Everything else there is brilliant, but it was simply too stanktacular for us to handle.) As you know, I wasn’t at that dinner, but my other half was. And Steve was definitely singing your praises, as you worked hard. You’re a great host, always. Believe it!

  • I’ve always wanted to try Jazz’s beef noodle soup, but every time I go there, I’m tempted away by something else on the last page. I think the fish kidney is *great* especially when she slips in extra stinky beans. It’s like one of those salted, dehydrated, chinese fish dishes — so funky it’s good.
    .-= Louise´s last blog ..Read: Vampire Academy (2-4) =-.

  • ugh, fish kidney curry just sounds wrong.. and it’s always hard to please everyone- maybe they’ll thank you for not ordering it when they eventually try it.
    .-= joan´s last blog ..2nd Annual 2009 Best of Taipei Readers’ Choice Poll Winners =-.

  • I second Marisa’s comment. You were a wreck at that dinner, trying to make sure everyone was fed and happy. Much appreciated! I think that’s when I realized you’re not nearly as bad as you try to be online. Ha!
    .-= Wandering Chopsticks´s last blog ..Thanh Tam Bakery – Garden Grove (Little Saigon) =-.

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